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Monday, February 28, 2022

Ross - Ross (1974 uk, magnificent funky jazzy soft prog rock, 2019 korean remaster)

In 1973, Bob Jackson was recruited as the new keyboard player in Rigor Mortis as part of the latest lineup of musicians so John Entwistle could go out on tour to promote his new solo album "Rigor Mortis Sets In" after its release in May. Because The Who were about to go in the studio within a few weeks to start recording "Quadrophenia", the touring plans had to be postponed. As a result of the change in plans, the latest version of the Rigor Mortis band was changed to be called Ross, with Alan Ross as the group leader. 

Ross was signed by Robert Stigwood's RSO Records and recorded their debut album in The Who's new studio in Battersea, London. It was called Ramport Studios (a.k.a. The Kitchen). This is where The Who recorded their new "Quadrophenia" album. Ross toured twice in the U.S. to promote their first album, the second one being in the summer of 1974 as the opening act for Eric Clapton (also managed by Stigwood). In 1974, Ross recorded a follow-up album, this time in Hollywood with The Doors' producer Bruce Botnick. The songs were based on Edgar Allan Poe's poetry about "The Pit & The Pendulum," but it failed to catch on with the record buying public. After the Clapton tour in August, Bob Jackson decided to quit the band.
by Denny Hoekstra

1. Alright By Me (Alan Ross, Bob Jackson, Steve Emery) - 6:22
2. You're Looking Down A Road - 4:35
3. Wherever You Go - 3:59
4. Caroline - 3:31
5. Changes - 3:46
6. Help Me Understand - 6:40
7. Blackbird - 3:12
8. I Need Your Love - 3:33
9. Buxton - 3:57
10.Leave It All Behind You - 4:02
All songs by Alan Ross except track #1

*Alan Ross - Lead Vocals, Guitars & Filing Cabinet
*Steve Emery - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Bob Jackson - Keyboards, Vocals, String Machine
*Tony Fernandez - Drums, Percussion
*Reuben White - Percussion

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  1. Thank you"MARIOS"for this great album.Cheers...

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    Mega has its good points, but doesn't work for everyone... like ME. My Chrome browser will no longer go to Mega's site, it's blocked because of some certificate issue, or so the error message says. I can go to Mega on Firefox, but can download only small files, the larger ones crash the browser and are lost when the download is finished. This is due to the age of my computer and memory limitations. I like the hosts Marios is using, just have to wait a bit between downloads with a free account.


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  7. "But then Marios would get no advertising revenue, and that would be very sad indeed"

    Mario's doing this on his own...he's not getting anything from it other than people complaining or reporting the links.

    The irony here is...if these weren't posted by music afficionados such as Marios, we would never hear them because they're not available anywhere?!

    Kudos to you mate...thanks for trying to open up musical spectrum to everyone...cheers

  8. "if these weren't posted by music afficionados such as Marios, we would never hear them because they're not available anywhere?!"

    I call BS. What is posted are CD releases that anyone could buy online but opt for illegally downloading it instead. Face facts man.