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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Free - Fire And Water (1970 uk, excellent classic rock, 2008 double disc deluxe edition)

Free's 3rd album was a huge success, reaching #2 in the UK charts and #17 in the American, making it the most successful Free album. This is largely due to the album containing the hit single "All Right Now" which they later played to a crowd of over 600,000 people at the 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival, which generated them huge publicity, originally released in June 1970 and has now been expanded with 23 bonus tracks.

Disc One contains the original album digitally remastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road plus 3 songs recorded in session for the BBC plus 4 songs recorded live for John Peel's Sunday Live in Concert programme for the BBC.

Disc Two gathers together 16 alternative versions of songs from the album including a previously unreleased version of Fire and Water and previously unreleased versions of All Right Now recorded for the video.

"While it may seem excessive to close the set with three versions of the same song we felt that these are so good, and all quite different performances, that it would be absurd not to let you hear them and simply leave them languishing in the vaults."

Disc 1
1. Fire And Water - 4:03
2. Oh I Wept - 4:31
3. Remember - 4:29
4. Heavy Load - 5:23
5. Mr Big (Andy Fraser, Paul Kossoff, Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke) - 6:00
6. Don't Say You Love Me - 6:05
7. All Right Now - 5:37
8. Fire And Water - 3:05
9. Mr Big (Andy Fraser, Paul Kossoff, Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke) - 5:07
10.All Right Now - 5:29
11.Remember - 4:50
12.Mr Big - 6:37
13.Don't Say You Love Me - 5:55
14.All Right Now - 5:09
All songs by Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers except where stated

Disc 2
1. Fire And Water - 3:44
2. Oh I Wept - 4:32
3. Remember - 4:30
4. Don't Say You Love Me - 6:26
5. All Right Now - 3:4
6. All Right Now - 4:16
7. Fire And Water - 2:26
8. Fire And Water - 4:13
9. Fire And Water - 4:13
1. Don't Say You Love Me - 5:56
11.Mr Big (Andy Fraser, Paul Kossoff, Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke) - 5:56
12.All Right Now - 6:25
13.Mr Big (Andy Fraser, Paul Kossoff, Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke) - 5:26
14.All Right Now - 4:28
15.All Right Now - 4:30
16.All Right Now - 4:46
All songs by Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers except where noted

*Paul Rodgers - Vocals
*Paul Kossoff - Guitar
*Andy Fraser - Bass
*Simon Kirke - Drums


JD said...

Marios for some reason I keep getting a message saying link not found when trying to download this awesome offering. Love Free, big Paul Rogers fan anything he has done. His voice just has so much soul. Anyway I have tried other links and get the same message. I even tried to use a different browser still got the not found message.


Marios said...

JustDave, I don't know why you getting this message, I've checked again both links hosts from the text files and led me direct to links.

JD said...

Thanks Marios, no idea what the problem is, I've tried both sets of links and some from other posts and it's the same it says 404 Not Found. I can't find anything wrong with my computer and of course you have checked the links and said that they are there so now it's a mystery just when I bought a Turbobit account so I can download from you easier. So it means back to the drawing board and see if maybe there is something going on with my PC. I seen one other comment about not being able to download the Nektar post so I guess it might not be just me god I hope it's not some sort of virus...I'm going to reboot windows to see if that helps. I have a ghost image so it takes about 30 minutes to completely reinstall. Thank you for check Marios, Hope you day is going well!!