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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice (1970 germany, astonishing psych prog jazz rock with blues touches, 2003 remaster and expanded)

A sextet from Hamburg, playing the patented, distinctive German type of progressive jazz-rock typified by underground legends like Xhol and Out Of Focus (their 2nd & 3rd albums). The leading soloist in Thrice Mice was Wolfgang Buhre. Vocalist Karl-Heinz Blumenberg had little to do most of the time. Their album was recorded in November - December 1970 in Hamburg and released on Phillips in 1971. Buhre often tried to copy the wah-wah sax style of Ian Underwood of Mothers Of Invention, this was most apparent on the opening track, "Jo Joe". On "Vivaldi" the three soloists were playing duets, taking turns two at a time! Minnemann's organ sound was high, thin and cranky in the late sixties sort of way. 

The distinctive German underground sound, rooted in jazz, notably with influences as wide-ranging as Blodwyn Pig (two covers as bonus tracks) and Curved Air. Long jammings by highly talented musicians, all blending into an unique sound with the distinct spirit of krautrock. Bonus material, digitally remastered and with informative booklet.After a couple of years, the group resurfaced as Altona and made two further albums for RCA in 1974 and 1975.

1. Jo Joe (Arno Bredehöft) - 8:51
2. Vivaldi (Antonio Vivaldi) - 11:34
3. Trakov (Karl-Heinz Blumenberg) - 12:54
4. Fancy Desire (Wolfgang Buhre) - 8:00
5. Drve Me (Mick Abrahams) - 2:20
6. Pig Ii (Arno Bredehöft, Rainer von Gosen) - 10:56
7. Vivaldi's Revival - 7:18
8. Trying - 5:10
9. New Life - 2:20
10.Dawn - 2:57
11.An Invitation (Rainer von Gosen) - 3:10
Tracks 7-10 written by Wolfgang Buhre, Karl-Heinz Blumenberg, Werner von Gosen, Wolfram Minnemann, Arno Bredehöft, Rainer von Gosen
Bonus Tracks 5-11
Tracks 1-4 Recorded Nov./Dec. 1970, Windrose-Dumont-Time Studio, Hamburg.
Tracks 5, 6 Recorded live, 04.-06.09.1970 at Fehmann-Festival.
Track 7 Recorded live, March 1970, Ernst-Merck-Halle, Hamburg.
Tracks 8-10 Recorded live, Tochstedt (1969).
Track 11 Recorded 1967, Tonstudio Niemann & Richter

Thrice Mice
*Wolfgang Buhre - Saxophone
*Karl-Heinz Blumenberg - Vocals
*Werner Von Gosen - Guitar
*Wolfram Minnemann - Organ
*Arno Bredehöft - Drums
*Rainer Von Gosen - Bass


violao62 said...

Thanks but i fail to hear what is so 'astonishing' about it!

Anonymous said...

You exactly described the point. You fail to hear.

Anonymous said...

The first track seems to be a giddy take on The Who's "A Quick One" phase, complete with a feedback guitar solo and Keith Moon style drums. The rest is very well-crafted and enjoyable as well. I know nobody's counting, but Germany is undoubtedly the third greatest country in the history of rock music. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Previous Anon here...forgive my error but it's the early bonus track, "An Invitation", with the Who influences, not the first album track.

Barry Dransyield said...

Awful - and german has to be the ugliest sounding language ever - but thanks for uploading.This one goes in the 'rare and rotten' folder !!