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Thursday, July 10, 2014

US 69 ‎- Yesterdays Folks (1969 us, awesome trippy colorful psychedelia, 2014 issue)

US 69 were psychedelic rock group from the Hartford Connecticut area with tripped-out jazz undercurrents and rough funky edges.

They started out as the Mustard Family, and changed their name to US ’69 before the release of any of their material. Signing with the Buddah label, US ’69′s album Yesterdays Folks from 1969. 

The band combines a great mix of eastern-influence music with sitar along with psychedelic, jazz, rock, soul, and funk. Just let your senses loose, and the feeling will go up much higher, after every spin. 

1. I'm On My Way (A Patch Of Blue) (Bill Durso,  Alan Bushman) - 6:14
2. Yesterday's Folks - 3:18
3. I'm A Nobody - 2:31
4. African Sunshine - 7:28
5. I Hear You Talkin' - 2:57
6. Miss Goodbody - 3:25
7. Never A Day Goes By - 4:54
8. 2069: A Spaced Oddity - 10:22
All songs by Bill Durso except where stated

US 69
*Bill Cartier - Drums
*Bill Durso - Vocals, Guitar
*Bob DePalma - Saxophone
*Don DePalma - Piano, Trumpet
*Gil Nelson - Bass, Flute

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sorogan said...

Thanx a lot, Marios !!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great psychedelic album

qs said...

This sounds fantastic but...
Is it possible to get a proper FLAC-version of this?
According to auCDtectTaskManager 5 tracks outta 8 are mpeg's.

Would be great and thanx in advance.

Marios said...

Love is everywhere,
enjoy the music,
the audio tests are not always telling the truth,
proper or not proper
(as I told before) I'm using the same axtract tool,
as an old good friend said:
It's for FREE,
Take it or Leave it.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Just curious which ripper/extractor you use since you don't post a log on your rips.

Also can you recommend a large hard-drive (>=2 TB) that is reliable?

I'm not a robot

Marios said...

EZ CD Audio Converter
and store my files
in two external HD 3TB each one
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marios. Audio from your posts always sounds fine. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Marios.

Agreed on programs like auCDtect, they often show false results, not to be relied upon.

I'm not a robot

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the sound is great, why are people complaining?
Secondly, this album is REALLY GOOD! By far surpassed my expectations. Thanks!

Paul Harvey said...

Huge thanks for sharing the US 69 album, I have only just heard the 2069: A Spaced Oddity track which kinda blew my mind so I am really looking forward to hearing the entire album - great to know there is a reissue, even if all the rest of the tracks were rubbish, it would be worth getting for the Spaced Oddity track alone - but I am sure there will be some other gems on it.

The person who was asking about external hard-drives - I use Toshiba as well 2TB drives - I know it's only my opinion but I would never buy Seagate or My Passport again (especially if you use them heavily) - I bought two 2TB Seagates and both broke after a couple of months use (in the same week no less!) - As for My Passport, A 1TB drive lasted six months before breaking - The Toshiba's have been going for two years with no problem!

pjr114 said...

It's actually the other way around. The group's name was US 69 when the album was released. They then changed it to The Mustard Family.

Unknown said...

Bill has distinctive voice not dissimilar to Hurricane (Norman Smith) producer /engineer Beatles etc same guy?? Any answers here thanks.