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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ellison - Ellison (1971 canada, superb heavy psych rock pre stoner, Gear Fab issue)

Ellison formed in Montreal in late 1967. Vincent Marandola and his childhood friend Richard Arcand, formed a trio named "Jimmy Peace". In 1969, they replaced the original drummer with Robert Cager and added Christian Tremblay as a second guitar, and thus "Ellison" was officially formed. 

The band started playing quite frequently in and around Montreal, and actually played a few other gigs in Quebec. They were managed by Jean-Claude Brosseau. They recorded their one and only UP in 1971. which was produced by Alexandra Dumas and Yves Hamel and originally released on Trans-World Records. 

There exists very little information with regards as to how well or poorly the record sold. In addition, the actual number of LPs pressed still remains a mystery. Ellison broke up in 1973 and I have lost contact with all the members over the years. Richard Arcand passed away in 1997 and I now reside in Sainte-Dorothee, Quebec.
by Vincent Marandola, Montreal. Canada, January 2000

1. Unchanged World (V Marandola, R. Arcand) - 3 36:
2. Seal A Beam Bow (V. Marandola) - 4:26
3. Satanic (V. Marandola, R. Arcand) - 2:02
4. Winter Slutch (V. Marandola) - 4:06
5. Strawberry Pain (V Marandola, R. Arcand) - 5:23
6. Untruth Story (V. Marandola) - 3:17
7. Freedom (V. Marandola) - 3:36

*Vincent Marandola - Vocals and Guitar
*Robert Cager  - Drums
*Richard Arcand - Bass Guitar
*Christian Tremblay - Electric,  Acoustic Guitar
*Marie-Claire, Richard Seguin - Vocals

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mscmichael said...

Great album! Thanks very much...

javistone said...


echoes said...

Sounds great.
Thx again.

echoes said...

After listening to this album I can just say WOW.
And what a pitty it is that such great bands didn't get the opportunity to continue with their work and produce even more of this great stuff.
Thx for sharing this pearl with us.

adamus67 said...

This quartet of heavy psychedelia of Quebec in Canada recorded their only one album in 1971. Among collectors is loved as a hardrock masterpiece with melancholic moments and intense songs. The letters describe drug experiences. Very few copies of this LP were released. The tapes with the original recording no longer exist and the CD was released, on the label Gear Fab - session thanks to an LP by Cark Faville and Ashley Johnson.

Ellison was English - Canadian Band from Montreal Quebec. The band was originally formed in 1967 as Jimmy Peace, around the talents of vocalist/ guitarist Vincent Marandola, bass player Richard Arcand, In 1969, drummer Robert Cager and guitarist Christian Tremblay joined and the name was changed to Ellison. In 1971 the band released an excellent hard rock styled album on the independent and highly collectable Trans-World label. Mainly selling in the province of Quebec and Ontario, the album had only a limited release and quickly disappeared as did the band itself. The self titled album featured seven original songs that have been described as brash, loud, hard rock with straight from the heart vocal work. In a similar style as Canadian cohorts The Ugly Ducklings, The Haunted or the Sinners, Ellison has become one of the most sought after Canadian band albums and its legitimate reissue is welcomed by many fans. This Gear Fab release contains all seven original songs remastered from the best sound sources possible. Unfortunately the master tapes of the original recordings no longer exist so this CD was cut from high quality vinyl sources. Despite that fact the overall sound is still quite good but there are no bonus tracks or additional material added to this release. The booklet contains liner notes from band member Vincent Marandola as well as band photos.

Many thanks,Marios & Larry for sharing!

Holly said...

Thank you, Mariuos!

Unknown said...

Je me souviens d'avoir vu ce band dans l'Est de Montréal, il y a de cela longtemps (fin '60, début '70) - il y avait aussi "Made in Quebec" et un ou 2 autres groupes sur le même bill ; la soirée fut mémorable !

Unknown said...

Great album...what is the password?

Marios said...

Pass: xara

Unknown said...

thanks Mario...great Blog...

Tumleh67 said...

Hallo Marios,
Can you reupload this in *.flac files.
Thank you very much

Marios said...


johnc said...

Title is Strawberry Rain, NOT 'Pain'.

Unknown said...

Tu veux dire Man Made