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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Charles And Morgan - Homework (1974 germany, remarkable acid folk psych rock with blues and jazz elements, Vinyl issue)

Dieter Kaspari (Morgan) was born in Aachen in 1947 and remained faithful in his town ever since. Leaving aside the numerous touring musician since 1965, including 12 years as a pro in various bands, including Cave Dwellers or Credo in Aachen particularly Truss still enjoys a legendary are more important for Kaspari but the two and a half years on the road working with Champion Jack Dupree and many other American blues legends. 

Great long tours with Charles & Morgan, as opening act for Golden Earring and Greenslade, since 1978 as a commercial photographer, plus numerous photography books and exhibitions reputation. Mixes currently the city with original Öcher blues, as a singer, guitarist and harmonica player in the Bluesbüllen, formerly known as "blu 'heat'. Charly Büchel is known as Charly McLion and makes electronic music, eLounge ', between Enigma, Enya and Pat Metheny. 

"Homework" recorded in 1974  is a pretty transparent record. The nine songs (about 41 minutes) are playful immensely cheerful and blue love, full of oblique and witty psychedelic moments with changes in mood, irritable and melancholy in all its facets,  can be best  enjoyed, dancing, driving a car and watching the rain when it rains.

"Sesame stress" is instrumental, a perfect introduction. "Hey Man" has thoughtful epic, the Acid Folk is timeless and fresh and loose, finally swims like a fish in water, sung by kids voice, the band takes the children's song like "Five Little Fishes" gentle and tender before the percussion only knows a concept: who are crazy!

"Getaway" tends to rock, the semi-acoustic blues of Morgan's strong voice and acoustic guitar, the drums rock loose and playful, and a fine guitar solo. The "Thieke Blues" ends the first side of the LP. 

"Let the Good Times Roll" opens the series on side two. Psychedelic Acid Blues with terrific electric and acoustic guitar to enjoy the night as the day. The three-part "Train Session" (with subtitles a Arrival b. Station Desert c. Full Steam) finished an excellent, idiosyncratic gem flamboyant, fun-loving and hearty music.  As I said, it sounds special and wonderful. 

1. Seamstress - 3:28
2. Super Ugly (McLion, D. kaspari, H. kaspari) - 2:09
3. Hey Man - 2:54
4. Five Little Fishes (D. kaspari, H. kaspari) - 2:05
5. Getaway (McLion, D. kaspari, H. kaspari) - 3:57
6. Thieke Blues - 3:10
7. Let the Good Times Roll - 3:44
8. Rhapsody (McLion) - 4:07
9. Train Session a) Arrival  (McLion, D. kaspari, K. Mick) - 2:21
10.Train Session b) Desert Station  (McLion, D. kaspari, K. Mick) - 2:31
11.Train Session c) Fullsteam  (McLion, D. kaspari, K. Mick) - 4:40
12.Train Session d) Yawateg  (McLion, D. kaspari, K. Mick) - 1:19
All songs by Charly McLion and Dieter Kaspari except where noted

*Charly McLion -  6 And 12 String Acoustic, Electric, Steel Guitar
*Dieter Kaspari -  6 And 12 String Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Harmonica
*Kurt Mick - Drums, Glockenspiel, Percussion

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