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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

UFO - UFO 2 Flying, One Hour Space Rock (1971 uk, outstanding hard space psych blast, 2008 Repertoire issue)

Who would have thought old Phil Mogg, Pete Way and Co. would be responsible for one the greatest psychedelic long players ever released?, but yes folks this record called "UFO 2/Flying" is a head trip of the highest order that every space rock freak MUST own!!!

UFO started out in 1968 and were at one time known as The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, they later called themselves Acid finally settling on UFO which was a tribute to the legendary UK nightclub. The group cut their teeth playing covers by people like The Yardbirds, Kinks, John Lennon and The Small Faces among others, somehow they got the attention of Equals guitarist Eddy Grant who was branching out into production and talent procurement, Grant invited the group to record at Orange Studios and the group managed to land a recording deal with the tiny Beacon imprint. A debut album "UFO 1" was issued in 1970 to little fanfare ( though it has been reported UK DJ Jon Peel thought highly of the group.)

The record we are talking about here was the group's second and their last for Beacon, it was known as "UFO 2/Flying/One Hour Space Rock" and it was issued in 1971. This is one monster of a Rock album that will appeal to fans of Free, Ash Ra Tempel, Blue Cheer, Taste, The Pink Fairies and many others, simply speaking it's awesome!!

Side One starts off "Silver Bird" which sounds just like Free circa 1969, Phil Mogg shows himself to be a gritty, convincing singer while guitarist Mick Bolton plays some blistering solos in the Paul Kossoff/Rory Gallagher vein, the group's rhythm section of Pete Way ( Bass ) and Andy Parker ( drums ) is a powerhouse, the song starts out slow but soon takes flight pummelling the listener along the way with relentless power. 

"Star Storm" is in a whole different bag it begins with some lethal wah-wah guitar by Bolton then briefly touches down into a blues rock stomp ala Free/Taste, then the thing slows down to a crawl and slowly shifts into a guitar freakout that reminds me of the mid-section of The James Gang's "The Bomber" and also the guitar solo section of The Jeff Beck Group's "Rice Pudding", then it's off to Ash Ra Tempel land for awhile and then back again, the whole piece clocks in at over 18 minutes!!, Mick Bolton's guitar playing on this number is stunning!!. 

The first side ends with a Groundhogs style raveup called "Prince Kajuku" that is absolutely fierce!, Mogg's vocals are sensational whlie Bolton blasts away like T.S. McPhee's kid brother, Pete Way also plays brilliantly on this one.

Side Two starts off in a different direction with "The Coming Of Prince Kajuku" this is an incredibly pretty guitar instrumental that echoes of Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green and Danny Kirwan's playing on the "Then Play On" album, then all of a sudden the song erupts into a Pete Townshend/Eddie Phillips Pop Art Afterflash! WOW!!!

"Flying" takes up the rest of the record, this one is a lengthy blues downer track that sounds like the group are suffering from a group hangover in the beginning the song then comes to life and turns into a pulverizing dose of Acid Rock. The record ends just under 60 minutes leaving you completely drained, in fact after playing this thing I need a bit of a comedown so I'm gonna go listen to The Four Preps "On Campus" album and then some Kingston Trio!, "UFO 2" has that kind of effect on people!! 
by Dave Furgess

1. Silver Bird - 6:54
2. Star Storm - 18:54
3. Prince Kajuku - 3:56
4. The Coming of Prince Kajuku - 3:43
5. Flying - 26:30
6. Galactic Love (Single A-Side) - 2:57
All tracks written by Phil Mogg, Mick Bolton, Pete Way and Andy Parker

*Phil Mogg - Vocals
*Mick Bolton - Guitar
*Pete Way - Bass
*Andy Parker - Drums

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adamus67 said...

They been in the history of rock music bands, which, like a UFO and Scorpions German international career took off with racial progressive album, and after his "birth" music coalition will decide to move to a different area of ​​styling. Sometimes, listening to metal or hard rock albums of these groups completely forget about their progressive origins. I suspect that few people today dates back to the album "Lonesome Crow" (1972) Scorpions, who has nearly 40 years is considered to be an absolute rarity and the greatest artistic achievement of the band, and by the author of this text. Similar is the case with the second largest publisher of UFO "Flying-One Hour Space Rock". It is difficult for more accurate title featuring the contents of the disc space rock in the broad dimension of his best qualities. For me, a great school instrumental heights, and an example of the composition of which the action takes place on many levels, which take the form of large-scale globally suit in excess of the then technical capabilities of black vinyl. The black edition of the UFO (almost an hour of music) tracks are so narrow, it's getting used to tight, so that you can have concerns about the technical aspects of recording (I will not undertake this subject, I am sealant, but when the text appears on the it can will be among the readers of specialist capable to explain the technical complexities of such recordings').

UFO name is associated with the cosmos, with the departure (of the many possible meanings), the pulsating rhythm of the stars and the futuristic sounds of extraterrestrial technology. The same things associated music of his first (and best) composition. Flying is the second and unfortunately last album of this team. It is absolutely unique, breathtaking combination of blues-based hard rock and space rock. This is impossible with nothing to compare. In any case, I never heard anything like it. The same instrumentation amazing. Space Rock without keys! But! Recipe for a gentlemen came up with songs very easy. I like the simple things are often absolutely brilliant. It begins with a generally straight hard rock theme with vocals, rhythm and blues soundtrack ordinary, almost a standard for the genre guitar playing. It is nice melody, swinging all nice, but can be heard from the beginning that there is more than just a hard blues rock. Mick Bolton just waiting when he finally be able to fly into uncharted space. And when he takes the listener to fly away with you! The center of each of the long track is a musical journey to other worlds! Plays bass guitar and throbbing trance beat that time, Bolton generates unusual cosmic sounds. But at the same time retains the blues tune. It has nothing to do with krautrockowymi meditations. This music is a perfect centering between space expeditions Pink Floyd, and hard rock melodies and riffs. I've had it for over 20 years,One of a kind,UFO,no two sentences!

But let's start all over again,The band was formed in August 1969 when the three musicians: Pete Waya (bass), Phil Mogg (vocals) and Mick Bolton (guitar), performing under the name Hocus Pocus, joined by drummer Andy Parker.

adamus67 said...

After signing with a small label Beacon Records debut album in 1971. UFO presenting a blend of progressive space rock with blues and boogie. Both the first and subsequent two LPs UFO II "Flying" (One Hour Space Rock) and UFO Live (Landed in Japan) has not gained greater recognition in the UK. Unlike what happened in Germany and Japan, where the group has gained many reacting hysterically devoted , fans.

In fact, by the end of it is unknown why the members of the quartet decided on his second album, "turn" style in a completely different areas. The fact remains that the "visit" different "story", and Mick Bolton has implemented effectively its unusual rhythmic ideas and sound, using only his "space guitar".

The second and last LP for Beacon had its premiere in 1971. and include music quite different from the earlier proposal of formation. Group invites you here for an hour-psychedelic space journey enhanced with great solos Bolton.
UFO on his second album, decided to go in a direction that the first album heralded tracks like "Who Do You Love" and "Unidentified Flying Object". Played by the "space rock" has generated a review of the original, and has caused considerable popularity in Germany and Japan.

The material on the album is now only a group of their own compositions. With a simple, hard rock songs like "Boogie," "Follow You Home" and "Timothy" from the first disc, you can find here only one song - "Prince Kajuku". The composition is quite successful, with the typical early UFO "dirty" guitar sound, as well as an interesting riff, mannered in a bass-guitar dialogue. Noteworthy is also the instrumental "The Coming Of Prince Kajuku," in which Bolton uses extremely pure guitar sound, free from "mad distortion," and Pete Way it is known as a slick bass "scavenger".
Disc is dominated by long-winded but songs like "Silver Bird", "Flying" and "Star Storm" - complete change of pace, with eksponowanymi brzmieniowymi guitar effects on the background of monotonous bass foundation. We are talking specifically about "Star Storm" - developed a very interesting track, with a great, albeit simple lead riff, gradually performed in unison by the bass, guitar and even vocals...

Anonymous said...

great the bonus track...a single..

adamus67 said...

"UFO 2 - Flying" This album is brilliant, enthusiastic, spontaneous, without self-interest, as if the four guys have just discovered the power of rock instruments and testing their potential, "spiraling" and reveling in their capabilities over time, and in some parts falling into the instrumental amok. With less than 20 years must have a lot to "say" while breaking the limit 3 - minute, rock songs and to perform a task using the traditional composition of the rock ensemble: guitar-bass-drums-vocals. When we compare the contents of the publication date of the edition, and analyzed the duration of the two longest compositions, for example, "Star Storm" and "Flying", each an average of "hackneyed" listener "hit" is a question: What the hell, we managed to achieve artistic fullness and professionalism, richness of sound, the minimalism of this instrumental? Do not forget, though it's not the kind of justification, that the year is 1971, ie after the event had passed 40 years! Who does not know the sound of exploration of UFOs and listen to these five compositions for the first time, it will have trouble believing that all the electro-string experiments, improvisations, sophisticated and variable playing the rhythm section, reverbs, soil tests and processing of sounds date back to the era 40 years ago. It's unbelievable, but true. "Flying", can not believe it, not a product of artistic creativity of contemporary rockers. Regardless of who has some critical remarks about the technical workshop Bolton, has even reluctant to admit that his guitar sounds like a modern processed sounds using synthesizers, fixtures and other equipment. "Joke" is that at that young age you can about the vast majority of these gadgets only dream of. And how "you can see, hear and feel" of their instrumental variations are not virtual but very real performances. This album is also further evidence of the history of rock layers that amazing talent, an open mind backed by outstanding skills helped to create this timeless concept called "Flying-One Hour Space Rock". At this point, do not ignore the merits of yet another album in the form of chord shape melodic lines. These topics have a very distinct character, the recipient can easily remember, impress the one hand, the wealth of ideas, on the other hand are able to fascinate the simplicity of implementation, severity of tone, the lack of frills sound. The nearly 60 minutes of rock expression of surprise to this day, although access to this work is very limited, because the younger fans, like how a few decades from Dinosaur Rock are generally aware of the existence of a diamond rock, you have an obligation to the fans of guitar power-space - progrock. Sorcerer Mick Bolton and his beloved Gibson Les Paul makes a powerful wall of sound "being careful" hundreds of sound effects arranged in a thoughtful art project. Heard from every corner boards bassist Pete Way, which in addition to the hard, dark tones also moved by the scale of available kontrabasowi jazz moments, although this release does not have a trace of jazz rock manners. Sometimes the bass sounds "floated" after the staff as "weak bear" reeling after the sound space, another time "beast" comes to life exposing his incredible power, dynamics, acting as a "ram" on the receptors of the listener. Andy Parker, drummer presents a whole range of skills from the role of the snare drum sounds cosmic wind "dancing" on the drum plates. A Phil Mogg and his expedition vocal, slightly "darkened", crude, little "śpiewno-melodic", breaking the age-specific early 60s - the assertiveness. His vocal performances are a kind of antithesis of melody. Some parts are close to the narratives and well correspond to the image of the Phonographic Universe.

adamus67 said...

The dreamlike, the title "Flying", This track is 26 and a half minutes of pure hard rock/space rock pleasure. The echoe guitar and guitar sound effects are in full force on this track, creating a real astral voyage for the listener. Phil Mogg sings in an almost melancholy tone, voicing his longing to fly through space. And the solos on this track are very soulful, full of longing, and (almost) heart-wrenching. By the time this track is done, you'll be sitting there dazed, and all you'll be able to say is 'woah'.!
A set of absolutely no weak points, "smelling" innovative, fresh as contemporary product "storm drain "of the British quartet. The paradox is that this is not historical, rhythmically complex, multifaceted project gentlemanom assured of a UFO in the hard rock pantheon, but later traces of which, however, did not come close to even, in my humble opinion, the size and the level of "Flying". I know that the network contains texts, treating this album as a 'necessary evil', texts that deal attributes "boring", "going down like chewing gum", "no idea", "do not rock the applicant with the acquis." In any event, I do not agree with such unjust, pobieżnymi marks, indicative of the immaturity of the authors, who may not bother to understand and devote more time to meet with the muse. Do not believe these suggestions, bearing the seeds sterile "pindolenia cat with a hammer." Even if someone recognizes the merits of a UFO from later years, their killers quite a hit as "Doctor, Doctor", the songs are in confrontation with the level of "Flying"may be called the most paltry songs of good rif.

The dreamlike, the title "Flying", This track is 26 and a half minutes of pure hard rock/space rock pleasure. The echoe guitar and guitar sound effects are in full force on this track, creating a real astral voyage for the listener. Phil Mogg sings in an almost melancholy tone, voicing his longing to fly through space. And the solos on this track are very soulful, full of longing, and (almost) heart-wrenching. By the time this track is done, you'll be sitting there dazed, and all you'll be able to say is 'woah'.!

This album UFO had no chance to exist in his time among a wider audience. After years of sweet pioseneczek, of course, with some exceptions,but You should be aware that if rock we know today, this multi-dimensional style, just woke up from hibernation, leaving the darkness and the shadow zone to the broad masses of listeners. In the case of "UFO 2 - One Hour Space Rock" was out sparkling splendor, creating a canon of rock music today.In this album there is no technical feats, squeaking guitar solos and strong gallop. Instead, he is feeling, is to build the mood is extremely original, but extremely simple ideas. I am sure that Michael Schenker would play everything that Bolton blindfolded. But would have invented something so unusual? I venture to doubt.

Album UFO 2: Flying recommend to all fans of classic rock, and wide group of listeners. After listening to this album, nothing is the same as before! You should be aware that if a rock as we know it today, is stylistically multifaceted, only to wake up from hibernation, leaving the zone of darkness and shadow to large number of listeners. In the case of "UFO 2 - One Hour Space Rock" was the glittering splendor of the output, which today make up the rock music canon.

THX Marios!

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot Marios, this album is one of the most underrated albums of all time and one of the best.
You have the best music blog on the net and your site is the first i go to when i wake up in the morning and the last before i go to bed.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I think that this album was a humongous improvement from the first album. It has such better songs. "flying" is probably my favorite on the album. Mick Bolton was phenomenal. Later eras of the band are better in my opinion, but this an amazing album. Have a blog about the band that UFO fans should definitely check out. It's full of reviews and polls to show your opinion on. The URL is