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Friday, April 19, 2013

Stud - Stud (1971 ireland, gentle moods with jazzy undertow and harder proggy overtones, 2008 Esoteric remaster)

Stud began as a trio with Jim Cregan (ex Blossom Toes) (vocals, guitar), Richard McCracken (bass) and John Wilson (drums), the latter pair having split with Rory Gallagher's Taste on 31st December 1970. They were signed by Deram Records. 

Ex Family violinist John Weider joined the band in June 1971, in time to appear on the debut LP which was released to little acclaim. While the musicianship on show is top notch, some of the material lacks distinction and meanders too often. The LP sold poorly and Deram declined the option of a second LP. 

The band had more success in Germany, where Polydor had released the debut in different cover artwork.The album was recorded for Decca's Deram label and was an amalgam of rock and jazz and was an outstanding progressive album of its time. 

The sessions also featured guest appearances by Poli Palmer (of Family) and John Weider (ex-Eric Burdon & The Animals and Family). Although Stud never achieved the acclaim they deserved, their debut album remains highly sought after by aficionados of Progressive Rock.  

1. Sail On - 4:12
2. Turn Over the Pages - 4:17
3. 1112235 - 12:20
4. Harpo's Head - 7:35
5. Horizon - 11:07
.i. Here
6. Song - 2:33
All songs by The Stud

*Jim Cregan - Guitars, Vocals
*Richard McCracken - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
*John Wilson - Drums
Guest Musicians
*John Weider - Violin
*Polli Palmer - Vibraphone

1972-73 Stud - September/ Goodbye (Live At Command) 
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Brain Police said...

Great sample song! Thanks Marios and Laurent, nice share!!

Pierre said...

fabulous album, missed this one on release, I've got their other lp, but, this one is a killer, thanks for the listen.

Terry said...

Thanks for this - I've never heard of the band, though I'm familiar with all the musicians' work. It has to be a rarity - I've never seen it listed in a Deram discography. Downloading now - I look forward to hearing it. Yhanks again.

Terry said...

Oops - I meant "Thanks"!

DanP said...

nice one, nice album

bk said...

one of the finest bands ever. I have their whole discography on vinyl - and I mean all of it. Almosrt impossible to finmd. And After years as Rod Stewarts Band Director it is sad to me to me that Jim Cregan didnt soldier on like this. But actually making a life long career in music is a gift not to be denied. He now plays locally as Cregan & Company again its nit Stud but he does get butts in seats.

bk said...

I just read "the write up" more information:
the band has 3 albums - on the Command Label.
The playing and singing is brilliant. These songs dont meander they simply take you away. One of the best executed albums you can find
- and there are others-
Live at the Command &
all magnificent.

Marios said...

bk, for more Stud, see here: