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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Smack - Smack (1968 us, fuzzed heavy psych blaster, 2012 Shadoks release)

Recorded in late July early August 1968 in Lawrence, Kansas USA. The four of us were all summer scholarship music and arts students attending Kansas University (KU) in Lawrence, Kansas. 

There was a producer from the University that kept us all focused on the recording along with the engineer manning the board and 4 track recording machine. All music tracks were cut 'Live' - We overdubed lead vocals and background vocals. I can't remember the name of the studio - It may have been called Lawrence Recorders - a small 4 track commercial recording facility - radio adverts, TV over dubs etc and serving bands like ours for demos. 

Lawrence is a small college town - some 86,000 students during the regular School  year. That year there were some 2800 summer students attending a 6 week summer arts scholarship session -1800 females and 900 males. Students Dram all over the US attended on a scholarship program. We all met in the beginning of the summer session and became fast friends - and started our band literally overnight. We'd seen a band perform from Lawrence at a welcome dance the night before. 

That was how it all started. The next day Smack was born. We played a gig several weeks later and the next thing you know we were all 'stars' of the campus. Someone from the university arranged for us to go in and record an album. What a magical time - We all loved the main bands of the era Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Moby Grape, The Kinks, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, The Buffalo Springfield, The Yardbirds, anything Motown and the like. 

Imagine being 17, connected and playing and singing in a band with three other cats - It was cool and we were swinging …..
It was the Summer of Love ...
Phil Brown, August 2011

1. Purple Haze (Hendrix) - 3:49
3, Fire (Hendrix) - 2:48
3. Sunshine Of Your Love (Clapton, Bruce, Brown) - 4:22
4. I'm So Glad (James) - 4:06
5. Swlabr (Brown, Bruce) - 2:32
6. Manic Depression  (Hendrix) - 3:00
7. Set Me Free (Davies) -  2:05
8. For Whiat It's Worth (Stills) - 2:36
9. Foxey Lady  (Hendrix) - 3:17

*Jim Uhl – Guitar,  Lead Vocals
*Alvin Heywood – Bass, Lead Vocals
*Phil Brown – Bass,  Lead Vocals
*Lee Overstreet - Drums

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juan manuel muñoz said...

muchísimas gracias

Grapher said...

Спасибо! Альбом понравился!
Никогда не слышал про эту группу.

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sorogan said...

Many thanx, Marios !! Great stuff !!

Woody said...

Killer covers. Thank you very much.

Pello said...

You rock!!! Thankx a lot for all.

Laurent said...

I would have prefered listen original songs rather than covers, but this ones are terrific!!!. This guys have only 17?, unbelievable!
Thanks a lot Marios, for this great sharing. Original copies can sell for thousands dollars.

Unknown said...

thanks mate!

Snosbig said...

1800 Vs 900 = Great Odds & fine Jams!

Erick said...

The lino IS broken
Pls repair

Marios said...

Erick, Smack repaired...