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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Imagine - Images, Clear Skies And Rainbows (1975 us, elegant progressive rock, korean bonus tracks edition)

"Images, Clear Skies and Rainbows" was an impressive venture into prog-rock teetering on the edge of progressive by a group called Imagine.

An exceptionally solid effort from start to finish. The first side shows the group in more of a progressive vein with several good but abbreviated guitar runs, giving you a taste of what direction the group could actually go in when they decided to. On the second side they bear down and let you see their true colors by stretching out the guitar interludes into longer segments in each song. 

The best song on the entire LP is "Tomorrow." The bass and guitar team up to give you a tour de force of rock and roll. The flute adds another dimension to the taken as a whole sound, giving it that decidedly progressive edge. Judging from the sound and vocal style. This LP is remarkably good considering I have never heard of them and cannot seem to find any history of the group anywhere. 
by Keith Hannaleck

1. Come Alive - 5:33
2. City Lights - 5:06
3. Rock And Roll Man - 4:37
4. Superstar - 5:31
5. Images Clear Skies And Rainbows - 5:34
6. Tomorrow - 5:26
7. My Golden Lady - 4:33
8. Castles Of Sand - 5:31
9. Just A Dream (Bonus) (Jeffery Levy) - 5:06
10.Flight 491 To Nowhere (Bonus) (J. Levy, E. Slaski) - 4:30
All songs by Ted and Mike Kieta, except where noted.

*Mike Kieta - Bass Lead Vocal
*Ted Kieta - Guitar, Vocals
*Bob Rowland - Acoustic Percussion
*Mike Prichard - Flute, Lead Vocal
*Todd William - Lead Guitar
*Ray Smith - Lead Guitar
*Keith Dickerson - Saxophone
*M.H. Dickson - Keyboards
*Nancy Black, Karen Smith and Carol Dickerson - Backing Vocals

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JeanBernardFrance said...

The 2 links are Flac,please mp3.

Marios said...


adamus67 said...

The truth is that I had, and still have,I have my hesitation to hang my thoughts on this album. The debut of a group called Imagine not really a southern rock album as we might normally understand. That if quie tions to see the handsome guitars denies opening track on the play "Come Alive" if any could the very Lynyrd Skynyrd signed or otherwise Molly Hatchet the early years. The same way for other cuts like "City Lights.",on that basis these guys they followed seamlessly worthy of the best instrumental passages and came out progrock good standing-that translated into a Christian means that the sheep are not boring.

Imagine Group from Tampa, Florida was founded in 1974. In the same year,was released their debut single ('Just A Dream'/ 'Flight 491 To Nowhere') originally released for the Apple label, and produced by John Lennon. The music is classic ’70s American prog-rock with heavy guitars and keyboards.

A few years later,on the Studio 70, brothers Mike (bass lead vocal) and Ted Keita (guitar, vocals). Invite a friends musicians, was recorded and mixed album 'Images, Clear Skies And Rainbows' decided to give her name in honor of John Lennon's album, a tribute to the genius of Liverpool.

Played prog-rock with great vocals and two lead guitars and the use of the flute. All material composed brothers Keita,produced by David Peel and originally released by Light Horse Records ‎– NR11634 in 1980. Recording engineer was Jim Black, it is the same with Mike Keita was co-produced the album. While listening creates a wonderful feeling that it was written in the late sixties or early seventies. In 1981, Imagine changed their style direction in the direction of hard rock and released another album, Playin 'Around. What was the fate is unknown.. Images, Clear Skies And Rainbows kept on Akarma Records, in 2001., where he was discovered by Won-Sin Music Company(WS 885 683-2) from South Korea in 2001 with a different cover . The album was remastered and with the addition of two bonus tracks their debut single ('Just A Dream'/ 'Flight 491 To Nowhere') is released as CD. Then he got into a series of 100 Collection-Rock Rarities. So thanks to the fine folks at Akarma and Won-Sin Music Company, we have learned that there is an unknown group that created a great album! vital's psychedelic trip.

Thx Marios.

Marios said...

Imagine - Images, Clear Skies And Rainbows ...updated

Agapit said...

MP3 320k - file deleted (

Marios said...

Agapit, Imagine - Images, Clear Skies And Rainbows updated...