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Monday, March 25, 2013

Billy Cox - Nitro Function (1972 us, great heavy 'n' rough acid psych blues rock)

After the death of Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox found female guitarist, Char Vinedge (she began in the early 1960s as lead guitarist / singer  with an all-girl group The Tremolons and later with Luv'd Ones), who played guitar similarly to Jimi. Along with Robert 'Tarp' Tarrant on drums, he assembled the classic three-piece rock line-up and recorded this album, produced by Kenny Rogers brother, Lellan. 

Char was quite some guitaist, feedback here and there, swooping and soaring solos, fabulous. Even though not in Jimi's league, she was quite some six-string gunslinger, nevertheless. Char wrote all the songs except Message and You Got A Hold On Me, which are Billy Cox originals, Let Me Do What I Want To Do, which they co-wrote, and Ray Davies of the Kinks You Really Got Me.

It's a great album but it seems this will be Char Vinedge's only claim to fame. She was in a pretty much unknown American all-girl 60's band whose name escapes me, but it was a fuzz-box/feedback driven concern way before its time, so Billy got hold of the right woman for the job. Born in 1944, and billed on the album as 'The Electric Lady,' Char passed away in December 1997.

As far as I'm concerned it's a great rock/psych album which I wouldn't trade for anything; even though it's only around the 35 minutes playing time mark. The cover art is by Roger Dean. 
by Alan Burridge 

1. Message (B. Cox) – 1:03
2. 42-70 (Peace) (C. Vinnedge) – 4:55
3. Touch Me (C. Vinnedge) – 2:50
4. You Really Got Me (R. Davies) – 4:13
5. Portrait (C. Vinnedge) – 4:56
6. Powerhouse (C. Vinnedge) – 3:11
7. You Got A Hold On Me (B. Cox) – 3:12
8. Play Your Own Blues (C. Vinnedge) – 4:59
9. Not My Time (C. Vinnedge) – 3:53
10.Let Me Do What I Want To Do (B. Cox, C. Vinnedge) – 2:40

The Nitro Function
*Billy Cox – Bass, Vocals
*Robert Tarrant – Drums
*Char Vinnedge – Guitar, Vocals

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Laurent said...

A great classic album from the 70's, that would deserve a much better exposure that this unofficial cd reissue, even if it is precious for those who haven't managed to grab the original press, now not easy to find. Billy Cox is the same Billy Cox who did his military service with Jimi Hendrix. Char Vinnedge "The Electric Lady" is a very fine guitar player, but my "all time" favorite feminin guitar player remains April Lawton (R.I.P. my girl).
Thanks Marios.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to hear this unusual album.

DanP said...

I'm gonna check it out thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good album, but this rip is really pretty murky - did it come from vinyl? Thanks for putting it up.

Mick said...

You say Char's "not in Jimi's league". Well you just let me know when someone is.

Sergey said...

Class! One of my favourite albums. I'm very glad. Tanks a million

Timmybear said...

The Luv'd Ones is the band from the 1960s. There's a collection on Sundazed called TRUTH GOTTA STAND.

alexis said...

Tarp Tarrant? That was Jerry Lee Lewis' drummer. Billy Cox picked an unusual band.

Unknown said...

Cool link to Jimi's music. Billy, Buddy, Mitch & Noel. Good stuff

Fco Javier US Expendable said... I tried to fix it this way.

Joe Kenney said...

Hi Marios, could you please reup? Thanks!

Marios said...

Joe Kenney, "Billy Cox - Nitro Function" fixed..

Joe Kenney said...