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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Painted Faces - Anxious Color (1967-68 us, significant garage psych rock)

The original band consisted of Jack O'Neill (vocals), Jerry Turano (lead guitar), Harry Bragg (drums), John McKinney (rhythm guitar) and Craig Guild (bass). This line-up recorded some demos in late ±966 at Qualicon Studios in Naples, Florida which consisted of a Crown 2- track recorder in a garage. Before their first single was released, Craig Guild left and John McKinney switched to bass. "Things We See" / "I Want You" was released April '67 on Qualicon Records which was owned by producer Walter Fredrickson who had connections with Mike Curb of Sidewalk Productions.

Through the Curb/Sidewalk connection, the group signed with Manhattan Records which was run by Curb's publishing company Mirby Music. Their first -45 on Manhattan, "Anxious Color" was a big hit in Florida for ±4 weeks in a row, reaching #± on some local stations. After this single was released, George Schule was brought in as the new bass player and John McKinney switched back to rhythm guitar. With this line-up the band recorded an even better follow-up single, "I Lost You In My Mind" / "I Think I'm Going Mad".

Unfortunately, the record company was getting negative feedback from DJ's complaining of the drug-like references from the two singles . Therefore, "I Lost You In My Mind" and their last single "Don't Say She's Gone" never got off the ground except in Florida where the group was based. Painted Faces began getting better gigs and were often traveling to New York City which didn't go over well with the parents of Jerry Turano and John McKinney who were pressured to leave the band to pursue careers outside of music.

They were replaced by numerous musicians but the nucleus of the band remained Jack O'Neill, George Schule and Harry Bragg. The group became very popular in Greenwich Village area clubs such as Cafe Wha? whose manager sent them to a club called The Jet Set in Puerto Rico for ±2 weeks. From here they got a gig in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands at a club on Creque Alley where The Mamas & Papas used to perform.

Upon returning to playing gigs in NYC, local New Jersey band The Critters wanted to record a new Painted Faces song, "Girl, You're Growing Up" but they decided to record it themselves for their new single on Sidewalk which never came out. It was around this time that the group recorded an entire LP to be released as a budget LP on Sidewalk. With cover tunes like "The Letter", "Brown Eyed Girl" and "Incense & Peppermints", this LP never got beyond the acetate stage.

However, this album may have come out as part of the masses of unknown Sidewalk or Tower albums undiscovered to this day! By 1968 the Painted Faces recorded some of their finest originals such as "Hard Life", "Lady", "Black Hearted Susan" and their own arrangement of "Play With Fire" done in 7/4 time. They even recorded a few Bee Gees tunes including "Birdie Told Me" which was supposed to be released as a single in the summer of '68.

Like countless other American 60's bands, the Vietnam War led to the ultimate demise of the group as the drummer Harry Bragg was drafted and had to fight for Uncle Sam. Without their long time drummer, the group faded into obscurity until some of their songs began to appear on various garage compilations in the early 80's.

This led to an entire new generation of Painted Faces fans who were captivated by their originality and superior songwriting ability. Thankfully, for fans old and new, their music has been preserved on this much deserved disc. Though there is some noticeable surface noise due to old acetates and lack of master tapes, the music itself has survived the test of time which is all that matters.... 
David L. Brown

1. Anxious Color  (O'Neill, Turano) - 2:32
2. Want You  (Ron Elliot) - 3:03
3. Things We See  (O'Neill, Turano) - 2:07
4. She Don't Care About Time  (Gene Clark) - 2:21
5.1 Can't Wait  (O'Neill, Turano) - 2:12
6. Can't Stop Lovin' You  (Lombardo, Byrnes) -  2:25
7.1 Lost You In My Mind  (Schule, Turano) - 2:18
8.1 Think I'm Going Mad  (O'Neill, Turano) - 2:13
9. Don't Say She's Gone  (O'Neill, Turano) - 2:08
10. Girl, You're Growing Up  (O'Neill, Schule) - 2:15
11. Hard Life  (O'Neill, Schule) - 2:22
12. Incense & Peppermints  (Carter, Gilbert) - 2:26
13. Play With Fire  (Jagger, Jones, Richards, Watts, Wyman) - 2:59
14. Lady  (O'Neill, Schule) - 2:46
15. Black Hearted Susan  (O'Neill, Schule) - 3:42
16. Birdie told Me  (B. Gibb, R. Gibb, M. Gibb) - 2:33
17.1 Can't See Nobody  (B.Gibb, R. Gibb) - 3:41
18. Lonely People  (George Schule) - 2:20
19.1 Think Of You  (Schule, Turano) - 2:54
20. If You Go Away  (George Schule) - 1:57
21. And Now She Knows  (Schule, Turano) - 2:42
22. Close Your Mind  (George Schule) - 3:03
23. To Love Somebody (Bee Gees) - 3:09
24. Look Away (Spencer Davis) - 2:37
25. Good Day Sunshine (Beatles) - 2:08
26. Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Rascals) - 2:42
27. One Minute Woman (Bee Gees) - 2:17
28. A Day In The Life (Lennon) - 5:10
Tracks 23-28 Live recordings

Painted Faces
*Jack O'Neill - Vocals
*Craig Guild - Bass
*John McKinney - Bass
*Bruce Morford - Bass
*George Schule - Bass
*Jerry Turano - Guitar
*Harry Bragg - Drums
*George Ayers - Guitar
*Jack Ross - Guitar
*Tony Yadouga - Guitar
* Danny Toriello - Organ

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Remy said...

Thanks very much, Marios!

guinea pig said...


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Gary Ricciardi said...

I own the very first Qualicon 45 Record sold of the "Thing We See" - "I Want You". I purchased it at the record store in The Edison Mall in Fort Myers, FL immediately after Jack O'Neill delivered the first copies to the Store. Jack signed and dated it for me.

If anyone knows where Jack is, please have him update his contact information with Bishop Verot High School.

Marios said...


Roger hippie said...

"I Lost You In My Mind" is one of my favorite garage psych songs.

Thanks to upload this.

Bloddy Chambers said...

...does anybody has a contact? would like to send a copy of our record to jack o'neill or anyone else. we (die tunnel) have covered the song "lost you in my mind". thx

George said...

My Grandfather, Walter Fredrickson, owned Qualicon Studio...ran it out of a converted garage at his house. George Pittman

George said...

If anyone knows how to reach members of the Painted Faces, please contact me at 239-633-5288. My Father, George Pittman, collaborated with them and I'd like to ask a few questions. Thank you.

wcpaeb said...

Marios, thanks for this but when I go to extract part 2 track 15 is missing error message says it's corrupt. Could you re-up part 2 or just track 15?

Anonymous said...

My father was bassist Bruce Morford aka Bruce Bunton. Recorded several songs with the band and toured with them for a short while as well. I'd be interested in speaking with ANYONE who played with him in this band or others. My name is Mark Bunton. He is still alive living in Oregon. Please contact me via email or 239.834.7904 Would love to share the stories I know but also seeking ANY and ALL recordings he was involved with. Thanks

Anonymous said...

My father Bruce Morford played bass with them for quite awhile and I believe he was with the band around the time this song was written. He is living in Tigard, Oregon now. I'm sure he would be flattered to hear it. I can be reached at or 239.834.7904 would gladly put you in touch or share your album with him. Feel free to contact me Mark Bunton and I'll work it out.