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Monday, March 12, 2012

Joe Peace - Finding Peace Of Mind (1972 us, brilliant acid psych folk rock, World In Sound release)

Hippie Singer and Songwriter Joe Peace recorded and released his only album privately  in OHIO in 1972, after being a long time on road. Inspired by his reflections he made on his road trip, by his idol Johnny Rivers, and from some Buffalo Springfield shades, he created 10 catchy original, emotional and poetic themes.

The musical spectrum ranges from westcoast, loner-folk to heavy psychedelic garage rock with an intense groove, deep and energetic vocals backed by stunning fuzz guitars. Truly an atmospheric album,  an underrated pearl, with a unique drive. Original albums nowadays became very rare and have in the meantime reached cult status among collectors.

1. Reflections I See - 4:08
2. It's Been So Long - 5:34
3. Finding Peace of Mind - 2:41
4. Welcome Aboard - 4:05
5. Sad Surprise - 3:13
6. Hello My Lady Friend - 2:49
7. High Time We Made Love - 4:23
8. Stop Turn Around - 5:57
9. Love Me Like a Stranger - 4:06
10.Goodbye - 2:30
All titles written by Joe Peace.

* Mike Huffman - Bass, Guitar
* Tom Lanham - Drums
* Joe Peace - Vocals, Guitar

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mscmichael said...

Very rare and excellent album ! Thanks very much...

Hajul Ellah said...

Wow! A once-in-a-lifetime chance to have this in flac. Many thanks, Marios.

snakeboy said...

Thank you so much for this rare LP.

Holly said...

Thank you, Marios!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marios,
Could you post "Tamam Shud - Goolutionites And The Real People"
seems the one on PHRock was your.
Unfortunately i've lost my old
hard disc.

thanks for all and greetings from


Anatoly said...

Thank you once again, Marios! The album is finely composed and well-arranged, even if it near-to-flopped at the time. Good choice!

buzzie said...

Many thanks Marios! Great chance to enjoy this exellent album

Jaime said...

Hi Marios, please my Friend, can you Fix the link..., regards and thanks.

Marios said...

Jaime, "Joe Peace - Finding Peace Of Mind" ...reposted

Psychfan said...

Thank you Marios!