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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thunder And Roses - King Of The Black Sunrise (1969 us, fine garage psych blues rock)

Thunder and Roses was an early power trio from Philadelphia USA, recorded “King of the Black Sunrise” and released by United Artists Records in 1969. This garage rock album is a hard rockin’, ultra heavy, Hendrix-inspired, slab of bluesy psychedelia. Track one, the classic “White Lace and Strange”, was covered by Nirvana in a radio broadcast that is included on their box set “With The Lights Out”.

The trio pay their respects to Hendrix with a strong version of Red House, then lay waste with a blitzkrieg of superb heavy psychedelic guitar like Cream, they never let the blues influences swamp the rock. Chris Bond went on to play for and produce Hall and Oates.

1. White Lace and Strange - 3:16
2. I Love a Woman - 4:43
3. Country Life - 2:51
4. Red House (J. Hendrix) - 5:40
5. Moon Child - 4:14
6. Dear Dream Maker - 3:33
7. King of the Black Sunrise - 3:51
8. Open Up Your Eyes - 7:26
All song by Chris Bond, except where noted.

Thunder And Roses
*Chris Bond - Guitars, Vocals
*Tom Schaffer - Bass, Vocals
*George Emme - Drums

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space88 said...

Fine Album for me!Many Thanks Marios!

mscmichael said...

'White Lace & Strange' is an amazing track. The whole album is great, too. Many thanks...

lmelis said...

Excellent post Marios. Μήπως έχεις το 6 Feet Under? Το πήρα σε βινύλιο αλλά τα βινύλιο το ακούς μόνο στο σπίτι. Thanks

danilo said...

Thanks great unknown band.

Nazareth said...

Thank you very much, Marios!

Eddie Austin said...

George Emme, drummer of Thunder and Roses interviewed on Get Stoked, May 2012

Anonymous said...

The RAR file is corrupt (CRC failed). Is it possible to reupload it?

Unknown said...

Το αρχειο εχει σφαλμα,μπορεις να το διορθωσεις?Ευχαριστω.

Marios said...


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Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!