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Friday, June 17, 2011

Various Artists - Maximum R 'n' B (1964-65 uk, fantastic garage beat 'n' blues selection)

The R'n'B craze that swept Britain in the mid-'60s changed the face of pop music forever. This legendary compilation -- unavailable for over a decade -- gathers together no fewer than 27 of its finest examples, culled from some of the rarest 45s of all time.

Originally released in 1964 and 1965 and featuring future legends including Ron Wood (The Rolling Stones), Ian McLagan (The Small Faces) and Twink (The Pink Fairies), the music is just as fast, heavy and exciting as the day it was recorded. The package comes complete with a detailed booklet offering histories and discographies of the acts involved, as well as rare pictures.

Artists include: The Frays, The Beat Merchants, The Sons Of Fred, The Fairies, The Primitives, The Wheels, The Others, The Groundhogs, The Bo Street Runners, The Muleskinners, The Sneekers, The Chasers, The Wranglers, The Stylos, David John & The Mood, The Betterdays, The Deejays, Nix Nomads, The Brand, The Sheffields, The Birds, The Toggery Five, and The T-Bones.

Bands - Songs
1. The Frays - Keep Me Covered - 2:37
2. The Beat Merchants - Pretty Face - 1:56
3. The Sons Of Fred - Ill Be There - 2:46
4. The Fairies - Ill Dance - 2:07
5. The Primitives - Help Me - 3:40
6. The Wheels - Gloria - 2:42
7. The Others - Oh Yeah - 2:54
8. The Groundhogs - Shake It - 2:05
9. The Bo Street Runners - Bo Street Runner - 2:14
10.The Muleskinners - Back Door Man - 3:49
11.The Sneekers - Bald Headed Woman -  2:31
12.The Chasers - Hey Little Girl  - 2:08
13.The Wranglers - Liza Jane - 1:56
14.The Stylos - Head Over Heels - 2:24
15.David John And The Mood - Pretty Thing - 2:18
16.The Betterdays - Dont Want That - 2:16
17.The Primitives - You Said - 2:20
18.The Deejays - Black-Eyed Woman - 2:39
19.The Fairies - Anytime At All - 2:19
20.Nix Nomads - Shell Be Sweeter Than You - 2:44
21.David John And The Mood - To Catch That Man -  2:10
22.The Brand - Im A Lover Not A Fighter  - 2:03
23.The Sheffields - I Got My Mojo Working - 2:36
24.The Wheels - Bad Little Woman - 2:50
25.The Birds - You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care) - 2:05
26.The Toggery Five - Bye Bye Bird - 2:31
27.The T-Bones - Hamishs Express Relief - 3:16

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sorogan said...

Thank You !!! Great !!!

billm said...

Thanks Marios for this rare comp in lossless.

Gummo said...

This looks great, thanks!

GaragePunk66 said...

If the stuff I haven't heard is as good as the stuff I have heard this is going to be a thrill. Thanks for the awesome work you do!

GaragePunk66 said...

Upon further listening, two big thumbs up for this compilation!! Thank you Marios!

chico said...

Another great compilation but the links are out of control.

chico said...

Thanks for re-up this great compilation.

Marios said...


Tommy Duque said...

I'm very grateful for this re-post Marios