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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blues Dimension - Blues Dimension (1968-69 holland, great psych blues jazz rock, 2002 bonus tracks edition and 2014 remaster)

One of the better rhythm'n'blues groups from Eastern Netherlands. Founded in 1967 in Zwolle by Leen Ripke (v, ex-Mozarts) and Rudy van Dijk (s, ex-Jazz Prophets, later in Erwin Somer Group, Flash & Dance Band and Farrago) and named after the American group the Fifth Dimension. In the beginning, it consisted of the above plus Jaap de Gronde, Karel v.d. Velde, Dirk-Jan v.d. Boogaard (tr, soon replaced by Chiel Scholder) and Jaap van Eyck (b, ex-Moans, to Sound Magics).

By the time they began recording, the line-up had changed to: Leen, Rudy, Helmig v.d. Vegt (o, p, ex-Vara Dansorkest, to Cuby & Blizzards), Herman Deinum (b, ex-Special Set and Mozarts, also to Cuby), Cees de Best (g), Michel Sardoen (tr) and Hans Lafaille (dr, ex-Jailhouse Jazzband, to Cuby; in 1969 replaced by Herman van Boeijen, ex-George Cash, to Fullhouse). In 1969, the group's breakup was announced in the title of their last LP; on this record, Jaap van Eyck can be heard once again.

1. Get Ready (Ray Robinson) - 2:14
2. Wonderland (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Leendert Ripke) - 3:15
3. Your One And Only Man (Otis Redding) - 3:39
4. Things I Remember (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Leendert Ripke) - 2:49
5. Twilight Mood (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Leendert Ripke) - 2:44
6. Don't Wanna Lose Her (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Rudy Van Dijk) - 2:22
7. Sticks And Stones (Titus Turner) - 1:50
8. Blues Dimension (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Rudy Van Dijk) - 9:20
9. Lovely Adorable Sue (Blues Dimension) - 3:01
10.Baby I Need Your Lovin' (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Rudy Van Dijk, Leendert Ripke) - 2:24
11.Double Deal (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Rudy Van Dijk, Leendert Ripke) - 3:11
12.Stay (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Leendert Ripke) - 3:32
13.Battle-Field Of Love (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Rudy Van Dijk, Leendert Ripke) - 4:43
14.Ivory Tower Of Utopia (Jaap Van Eik, Leendert Ripke) - 3:13
15.Supernational Powers (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Leendert Ripke) - 2:38
16.I Ain't Superstitious (Willie Dixon) - 4:47
17.Society's Child (Janis Ian) - 4:48
18.B.D. Is Dead, Long Live B.D. (Jaap Van Eik, Leendert Ripke) - 3:37
19.Shapes Of Things (Jim McCarty, Keith Relf, Paul Samwell-Smith) - 4:42
20.Cornflakes (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Leendert Ripke) - 3:49
21.Drift Into Space (Helmig K. Van Der Vegt, Leendert Ripke) - 2:27

*Cees de Best - Guitar
*Hans Lafaille - Drums
*Helmig van der Vegt - Keyboards
*Herman Deinum - Bass
*Leen Ripke - Vocals
*Michel Sardoen - Trumpet
*Rudy van Dijk - Saxophone
*Dirk Jan van de Boogaart - Trumpet

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Jim_Spyropoulos said...

oti kai na vgaloune oi ollandoi einai poly kalo . wraios diskos :) eyxaristw

juan manuel muñoz said...

marios, great, great, great, thanks a lot. i take this and the blue mountain eagle

gracias amigo
juan manuel (amigodelblues)

adamus67 said...

A great gift to all visitors blog!
Hi Marios!
This is a brand new discovery from me,this is music for one's soul.Oh,this is wonderfull!PSYCHO BLUES FANS should know that this has mellotron,strings grand piano,saxophon EXCELLENT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Many Thanks

mdhjhw said...

I'm surprised, very good stuff. Thanks a lot.

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