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Monday, May 6, 2024

Ruby Wheeler - No One In Your Way (1972 us, fine psych classic rock, 2023 digipak release)

On a sunny Southern California morning in late 1971, fledgling songwriter/promoter James "Clyde" Lutrell was hitchhiking and got picked up by a young man (Lyle) who'd recently inherited money from his grandmother. "Clyde", an avid "Stack" fan, shared his dream of creating an Orange County supergroup. Lyle was so impressed during the 30-minute drive that he offered to fund the project. Hence, the birth of Ruby Wheeler. From "Stack," Clyde selected vocalist Bill Sheppard and guitarist Rick Gould. David Mohr was selected to play keyboards. The search for a drummer ended with Leon Becken who also enlisted bassist John Durzo and guitarist Dennis LaPore. They entered United Audio studios with engineer Bob Stone (Zappa) and began working on material. A Mohr-penned tune ("Good Time Sally"), a Clyde original ("Rainman"), and two Burnap tunes ("The Dream Maker" and "Separation") were picked to start the project..

Clyde procured a large farmhouse on the outskirts of Orange CA and the group built a soundproof studio inside. Unfortunately, Clyde had already run out of money to finish the studio recordings, but the band continued recording their rehearsals after replacing Leon with Billy Carroll and eliminating Dennis as a 2nd guitarist.

Ruby Wheeler played a number of SoCal dates during its brief existence, including Chino Prison, Cal State Fullerton, Rio Hondo College, Penwinnies' Iron Foundry, Fullerton College, and Marina Palace in Seal Beach. Their timing couldn't have been worse as disco had hit the market in full swing and there weren't many places to play for an original rock band! The studio songs and live rehearsal recordings are offered here to complete the dream of what could have been.... 
by John Durzo and Bill Sheppard

1. I Think It's Time (Rick Gould) - 7:12
2. Rainman (James Clyde) - 3:53
3. Turnabout Question (Rick Gould) - 3:35
4. Understand I'm The Man (Rick Gould) - 3:37
5. China Doll (Rick Gould) - 4:14
6. Good Time Sally (David Mohr) - 4:38
7. Dream Maker (Tom Burnap) - 4:03
8. No One In Your Way (Bill Sheppard) - 6:01
9. Lovely Lady (David Mohr) - 5:21
10.Separation (Tom Burnap) - 5:11

Ruby Wheeler 
*Rick Gould - Guitar, Vocals
*David Mohr - Keyboards,Chamberlain, Vocals 
*Bill Sheppard - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*John Durzo - Fender Bass, Backing Vocals
*Leon Becken - Drums (Tracks 2,6,7,10)
*Billy Carol - Drums, Backing Vocals  (Tracks 1,3,4,5,8,9)
*Dennis Lapore - Wah Wah Guitar (Track 6)
*James Clyde Lutrell - Backing Vocals (Track 2)


  1. Thank you "MARIOS".Never heard about this.Good one...

  2. Wow!, I've never heard about this one. It doesnt even appear on either Discogs nor RYM. So this is probably an obscure private press release. I need to investigate it RIGHT AWAY. Thank you very much Marios!

  3. Hey Mário... Eduardo greets you from Manaus, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest! How to find this album by the band RUBY WHEELER? I went to DISCOGS and there is no reference there. Thank you for information and... good luck!

    1. Hi Eduardo, you can find it here:

  4. Thank you!! Totally unknown band to me. Another fantastic post.