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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Bermuda Triangle - The Missing Tapes (1977 fascinating amalgam of country psych prog folk rock, 2007 release)

First known as the 60's indie Psych-Folk duo 'Roger And Wendy' and then the sunshine pop band 'Euphoria', Bermuda Triangle originally released this album on CD through their private label.

A great find. It is a superb collection of very rare treasures. Absolutely one of the best resurrections from a band who was pivotal in the US underground Psych-Folk scene of the late 60's into the 70's

All the recordings range from the late 60's to the late 70's.  'The missing tapes' is their best, till today, offering. Just take a listen to 'Did you love me' and 'Lost worlds' songs. Original, unique and bizzare sound not unlike their first album. 

Most of the songs are penned by Roger Penney while there are few covers on: Dennis DeYoung's 'Come sail away', Joni Mitchell's 'Circle game', Richard Farina's 'Swallow song', Fred Neil's 'Dolphin' and an exceptional 'High flying bird'.

1. Rainy Monday - 4:09
2. Come Sail Away (Dennis DeYoung) - 5:06
3. Night Train - 5:34
4. Lost Worlds - 3:48
5. My Brother (Wendy Penney) - 4:37
6. You'll Be A Star - 4:16
7. Circle Game (Joni Mitchell) - 4:56
8. Sometimes We Find It - 4:04
9. Did You Love Me - 3:58
10.Goin' Down To New Orleans - 3:09
11.High Flying Bird (Billy Edd Wheeler) - 3:20
12.Swallow Song (Richard Farina) - 2:01
13.Dolphin (Fred Neil) - 3:40
Songs written by Roger Penney except where indicated

*Wendy Penney - Vocals, Bass
*Roger Penney - Vocals, Electric Autoharp, Organ, Piano, Arp


  1. Has the Love Rog & Wen by Roger & Wendy ever surfaced? I would love to have that one. Thanks