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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Headstone - Bad Habits (1974 uk, amazing prog rock, 2021 korean remaster)

Mark Ashton, a remarkably resilient rock figure who first joined Rare Bird as a 19-year-old drummer. After two albums with the band, Ashton left and re-invented himself as a singer/guitarist in a new band, Headstone. Steve Bolton ex-Atomic Rooster. Bassist Phil Chen an Arrival veteran whilst keyboard player Tony Lukyn was previously with Tranquility.

They released two albums, both produced by John Anthony, with the second featuring cameos from Rare Bird-mates Steve Gould and Dave Kaffinetti. 

On "Bad Habits" The style here is very different than Rare Bird – a bit singer/songwriter, but still with a full band approach overall – recorded in modes that mix British and Cali mid 70s styles in the best way possible, and coming across with a lean sort of style that really lets Ashton shine in the spotlight.

1. Don't Turn Your Back - 4:25
2. Take Me Down - 4:15
3. High On You - 3:08
4. Love You Too - 2:24
5. O3B - 4:04
6. Open Your Eyes - 0:29
7. Live For Each Other - 3:47
8. You've Heard It All Before - 3:35
9. Bad Habits - 3:55
10.Take A Plane - 4:36
11.DMT - 4:32
All compositions by Mark Ashton except Track #5 by Steve Bolton

*Mark Ashton - Guitar, Vocals
*Steve Bolton - Guitar
*Chilli Charles - Drums
*Phil Chen - Bass
*Tony Lukyn - Moog Synthesizer, Synthesizer
*Joe O'Donnell - Guitar, Violin
*Dave Kaffinetti - Keyboards, Electric Piano
*Carl Douglas - Vocals
*Juanita "Honey" Franklin - Vocals
*Steve Gould - Vocals
*Sparkie - Vocals 

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bobbysu said...

Thank you very much

kobilica said...

Another great band from my whishlist.Thank you so much"MARIOS"...

Philipp said...

Greatful upload, uncompressed!! Many thanks, Marios!!

Syd said...

Por que vocês não usam o torrent como qualquer site inteligente ao invés dessa merda de download que nunca funciona.
Bons discos site administrado por gente burra!

Marios said...

Syd, Obrigado por suas amáveis ​​palavras, obviamente haverá muitos gente burra que podem ter um blog desses...

Phil G said...

Thanks so much!!! I've had a vinyl transfer for years, so this is most welcome. Great album.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much

Ron in Portland, OR said...

Thanks bunches--I've never heard of this band. Loving the album!

Unknown said...

Pede uma senha para descomprimir

Marios said...

Unknown, A senha é: xara

Unknown said...

Carl Douglas of 'Kung Fu Fighting' fame!!!!!! Wow!
thank you!