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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Chad And Jeremy - Sing For You (1964-65 uk, delightful baroque folk rock, 2007 japan extra tracks remaster)

Generally relegated to footnote status, folk/rock duo (heavier on the folk) Chad & Jeremy nonetheless managed a certain level of influence among a group of navel-gazing sensitive types who couldn’t totally commit to either the Beatles or Stones camps. And yet they still managed to make something of a splash riding the crest of a wave that was the British Invasion. At a time when it seemed every artist was copping the sound of the Beatles and/or Stones, Chad & Jeremy remained (relatively) committed to their folk origins. The trouble with this was their particular brand of folk was slowly falling out of favor following the arrival of Bob Dylan.

As if an attempt to split the difference, they embraced an approximation of the British Invasion sound while still attempting to adhere to their folk roots. But it didn’t quite suit the soft folk within which they best operated, and their attempts at continued relevance beyond a few early singles (“Yesterday’s Gone” and the song for which they are perhaps best known, “A Summer Song”) sound forced. They only truly succeeded when sticking closest to their roots; any venture into mainstream pop tended to fall short, sounding like a feeble attempt to tap into a commercial market quickly losing interest in them

Yet throughout, they prove to be fine interpreters of contemporary folk and standards of the genre. They take on Ewan MacColl’s perennial folk classic “Dirty Old Town”, giving it a decidedly country bent. “No Tears for Johnny”, while sounding feather-light, possesses a lyrical profundity and anti-war stance that far surpasses anything Simon & Garfunkel and their ilk ever attempted. It is within these unexpected moments that the music of Chad & Jeremy rises above much of the filler that weighed down their studio albums and prevented them from finding the favor they perhaps deserved. And while they would eventually surrender to the times with their generally well-regarded psychedelic albums Of Cabbages & Kings and The Ark, these early recordings show the pair trying desperately to get their music heard

Unfortunately the music of Chad & Jeremy has been unfairly overlooked by all but the most ardent fans of ‘60s pop music. The duo stands as a fine reminder that the pop landscape wasn’t all Beatles, Stones, Dylan, and Motown.
by John Paul, 14 September 2016

1. Yesterday's Gone (David Stuart, Wendy Kidd) - 2:31
2. If She Was Mine (Bobby Goldsboro, Buddy Buie) - 2:02
3. Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronell) - 2:35
4. No Tears For Johnny (Tom Springfield) - 2:17
5. The Truth Often Hurts The Heart (Clive Metcalfe, Keith Noble) - 2:51
6. If I Loved You (Oscar Hammerstein II, Richard Rodgers) - 2:18
7. September In The Rain (Harry Warren) - 2:31
8. Like I Love You Today (Chad Stuart) - 2:41
9. Donna Donna (Aaron Zeitlin, Sholom Secunda) - 3:00
10.A Summer Song (Chad Stuart, Clive Metcalfe, Keith Noble) - 2:39
11.Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl) - 3:08
12.From A Window (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 2:16
13.If I Had My Way (Traditional) - 2:22
14.The Morning (Traditional) - 2:22
15.Ain't That Just Like Me (Traditional) - 0:50
16.If I Had A Hammer (Lee Hays, Pete Seeger) - 2:13
17.Yesterday's Gone (David Stuart, Wendy Kidd) - 2:20
18.Stanley And Dora (Traditional) - 1:38
19.A Summer Song (Chad Stuart, Clive Metcalfe, Keith Noble) - 2:41
Tracks 13-18 Live recordings

*Jeremy Clyde - Vocals, Guitar
*Chad Stewart - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
*Russ Savakus - Bass
*Charles McCracken - Cello
*Lucien Schmit - Cello
*Gary Chester - Drums
*Al Caiola - Guitar 
*Willard Syuker - Guitar  
*George Devens - Percussion
*Al De Risi - Trumpet
*Irvin Markowitz - Trumpet
*Harold Coletta - Viola 
*Harry Zaratzian - Viola
*David Nadien - Violin 
*George Ockner - Violin  
*Harry Katzman - Violin 
*Leo Kruczek - Violin  
*Max Pollikoff - Violin  
*Paul Gershman - Violin  
*Paul Winter - Violin 

1967  Chad And Jeremy - Of Cabbages And Kings (2006 japan bonus tracks remaster) 
1968  Chad And Jeremy - Three In The Attic (2013 edition) 


apf said...

Thank you !

Mr. Bill said...

Am having trouble getting an uncurrupted FLAC music file. It's OK until about half way through. Have tried several download optrions.

leesa said...

I already have this. I broke down and bought it when it came out. If you love C&J the way I do (One of my older Brother's fave Duos), you'll LOVE this!

The C&J History and its relationship to this Release is really interesting.

Mr. Bill said...

Problem solved--thanks.

leesa said...

Does this have the booklet and artwork?

Marios said...

Hi Leesa, not exactly a booklet, it's a 2 pages inner gatefold (front & back) ofcourse all the other scans are included.

leesa said...

Thanx Mario! I guess I'll D/L it for the Booklet. I have the disc in storage but I haven't been there for an entire pandemic.

leesa said...

Oops< My Bad.

I totally spaced... I thought this was the Chad & Jeremy - Yesterday's Gone / The Complete Ember/ World Artists Recordings," which is an awesome 2-Discs Compilation Set:

"Disc one includes the US LPs Yesterday's Gone (1964) and Chad & Jeremy Sing for You (1965) in their entirety, plus the duo's contributions to the various artists LP Live Folk From The Mayfair Theatre London, recorded October 12, 1963."

"Disc two includes all of the mono singles plus outtakes, alternative takes and stereo versions of non-LP tracks."

Great Set!!!

Psy Guy said...

Thanks. I hadn't heard those live recordings before.

marc said...

i saw that this was a CD image at 457 using cue tools i seperated this into individual tracks..but i saw that the file size of all 19 tracks was now at 227 MB..well from all the other times ive split a CD imagine it always is about the same size as the seperate tracks im curious as to why here there was a dramatic drop off?

Cañamón said...

Thank you best music

joe v berlin said...

This is wonderful pop. I had forgotten these existed.

Marios said...

marc, the file size of 457mb is uncompressed...