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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Crowbar - Bad Manors (1970 canada, sensational rural blues classic rock, 2008 remaster)

Crowbar’s “Bad Manors” was released in the spring of '71. Bad Manors was the name of a six bedroom hundred years old Georgian mansion, a brick palace that ruled twenty five acres of farmland on Hamilton Mountain in Ancaster Ontario. There was a huge barn where they rehearsed and partied. Band members and some of their families lived there for twelve years. The sequence of events thta brought the band to Bad Manors was a stop and go, hurry up and wait process.

The first single came from the album, epitomized the care-free hippie generation of the day, and "Oh What A Feeling" soared up the charts. This was the first single released after government regulations requiring Canadian radio stations to play one-third homegrown material had come into effect and would go down as one of Canadian rock's most recognizable songs of the era. 

The single quickly reached gold here, but due to the drug annotations in the song, it didn't receive airplay in the US. Other noteable songs included the 'b' side "Murder In The First Degree", the cover of The Yardbirds' "Train Kept a Rollin'" and the other singles "Happy People" and "Too True Mama". The band toured extensively in Canada and made their US debut at LA's Whiskey A Go Go the next year. 
by Frank Davies

1. Frenchman's Filler #1 (Rheal Lanthier) - 1:14
2. Too True Mama (Kelly Jay) - 2:57
3. Let The Four Winds Blow (Dave Bartholomew, Fats Domino) - 2:25
4. House Of Blue Lights (Don Raye, Freddie Slack) - 2:50
5. The Frenchman's Cherokee Boogie Incident (Moon Mullican, W. Chief Redbird) - 0:29
6. Train Keep Rollin' (Roly Greenway) - 2:53
7. Baby, Let's Play House (Arthur Gunter) - 3:06
8. Oh Never Be A Dodo (Kelly Jay) - 0:21
9. Oh What A Feeling (Kelly Jay, Roly Greenway) - 4:23
10.Frenchman's Filler #2 (Rheal Lanthier) - 0:35
11.Frenchman's Filler #3 (Rheal Lanthier) - 0:39
12.Murder In The First Degree (Kelly Jay, Sonnie Bernardi) - 5:16
13.In The Dancing Hold (Kelly Jay) - 3:54
14.Mountain Fire (Roly Greenway) - 4:02
15.Prince Of Peace (John Rutter) - 4:12
16.Frenchman's Filler #1 (Rheal Lanthier) - 0:47

The Crowbar
*Roly Greenway - Bass, Percussion, Vocals
*Sonnie Bernardi - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Jozef Chirowski - Piano, Organ, Vocals
*John Gibbard - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals
*Kelly Jay "Blake Fordham" - Vocals, Piano
*Rheal Lanthier - Lead Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

1970  King Biscuit Boy With Crowbar - Official Music 
1970-72  Crowbar - Memories Are Made Of This
1972  Crowbar - Heavy Duty

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kobilica said...

Thak you"MARIOS"

dugg said...

Thanks for the chance to hear this again... these guys were a great band, my buddies and i would drive all over Ontario to hear them play back then....

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Thanks.. I just obtained the original paramount cassette of it too.. you know, my old bass player some years back used to play with Ronnie Hawkins right before (or after?) Crowbar was his backing band, and apparently how they got their name was Ronnie used to complain to them that "you guys could f&%k up a crowbar"! Colorful guy he was.. couldn't keep a band for very long..apparently was a real taskmaster..