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Monday, November 20, 2017

Kaleidoscope - The Sidekicks Sessions (1964-67 uk, excellent r 'n' b folk psych, 2003 release)

Kaleidoscope: The Sidekicks Sessions collects together a batch of long thought lost acetates all recorded between 1964 - 1967 by an early incarnation of the 1960s British psychedelic band Kaleidoscope when they were still called The Sidekicks and The Keys. The recordings are rough, but the band sounds young and fine, combining together a Stones influenced R&B sound on the early sides with a Pink Floyd meets PF Sloan psychedelic folk rock sound on the later sides.

My favorite moments are the folk rock meets psychedelic rock of such songs as You're Not Mine with it's Syd Barrett sounding chorus and the smashing youth of Holiday Maker. In these songs I can hear what was sure to turn into the late 1960s psychedelic rock of Kaleidoscope. Other songs in the folk rock mode which sound pretty good are the versions of Please Stay, Don't Go (a PF Sloan dead ringer), What Can I Do? (which has some rave-up action), Reflections (a subdued mantra), and San Francisco (upbeat folk beat). The alternate version of all of these songs sounds better than the versions which appear later on the cd. These are all originals, and while they are not superb, they definitely show a band with a potential. In fact, they sound altogether fresh.

There are plenty of covers on this disc as well, running the gamut from an abysmal turn at The House of The Rising Sun, and a stuttering take of Roadrunner to the more enthusiastically received Walking in the Park which is a stride-a-long blues, and I Wants to Be Loved - a raunchy stopgap. Another highlight for me is the Chuck Berry blues song Wee Wee Hours. Anyone interested in British beat music will hang their heads high when they listen to this cd. I love when lost acetates resurface many years later, giving us a picture of a time gone but not forgotten. Discs like this one remind us of what a great time the 60s were for creativity. Soon after these demos were recorded Kaleidoscope would go onto record two solid albums, as well as change their name to Fairfield Parlour to record two more albums. This cd is where it all started.
by Patrick The Gullbuy, August 19, 2003

1. And She's Mine - 2:27
2. Reflections - 2:24
3. Please Stay, Don't Go - 2:28
4. What Can I Do? - 1:58
5. He's Gonna Ba A Star - 2:18
6. San Francisco - 3:36
7. Walking In The Park (Graham Bond) - 2:26
8. I Wants To Be Loved - 2:33
9. San Francisco - 3:47
10.He's Gonna Be A Star - 2:24
11.I'm Looking For A Woman (Ellas McDaniel) - 2:15
12.The House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional) 4:20
13.Roadrunner (Ellas McDaniel) - 3:14
14.Wee Wee Hours (Chuck Berry) - 2:52
15.You're Not Mine - 2:19
16.Drivin' Around - 2:12
17.Holiday Maker - 2:04
18.And She's Mine - 2:32
19.Please Stay, Don't Go - 2:36
20.What Can I Do? - 2:04
21.High Heel Sneakers (Robert Higginbotham, Tommy Tucker) - 2:33

The Sidekicks
Peter Daltrey - Vocals
Danny Bridgman - Drums
Eddy Pumer - Guitar
Steve Clark - Bass

Kaleidoscope's mosaic 
1967  Kaleidoscope - Tangerine Dream
1967-69 Kaleidoscope - Dive Into Yesterday
1969  Kaleidoscope - Faintly Blowing
1967-71  Please Listen To The Pictures / The BBC Sessions 
1970  Kaleidoscope - White-Faced Lady (japan two disc set edition)
1970  Fairfield Parlour - Home to Home

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psychonaut said...

Thanks, much appreciated!

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Thanks very much...

Alexandr said...

Thanks, Marios.

reichea said...

Unfortunately, the FLAC file is a single file, with all of the tracks embedded within that one file. If you could re-upload this wonderful compilation in the correct format, that would be marvelous. Thank you for such wonderful classic albums! - Allan

Marios said...

use this tool to split the files:

Robert said...

Thanks for this post. I downloaded the Flac version, and I used free program IMGBurn to copy the cue file to burn a CD-R.

reichea said...

Marios, I am working on a Mac, and the splitter app you recommended did not work properly - and neither did a couple of others I downloaded. I have decided to download the MP3 version of the music. That has always been satisfactory for original albums/works that originally are somewhat marginal in sound to begin with. Thanks for your assistance, and for all of the great music!! - Allan

Robert said...

I'm using Windows 10.

Marios said...

Allan, cue file splitter for mac: