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Friday, November 21, 2014

Open Road - Windy Daze (1971-72 uk, fantastic folk soft rock with prog shades, japan remaster and expanded)

This short-lived quartet took their name from a 1970 album by singer-songwriter Donovan. When the group left Donovan for an independent career. Windy Daze continued the direction already pursued with their erstwhile mentor.

Produced by legendary rock producer, Tony Reeves (ex-Colosseum bassist), Open Road were the very first progressive group to be signed to the Greenwich Gramophone Company (a subsidiary of Chapter One Records) in 1971. 

Their music reflects feelings of anti-establishment prevalent amongst the young at that time, and was quite visionary in its approach. The members of the band consist of 'Candy' John Carr - Drums, Percussion and Vocals. Barry Husband - Acoustic and Lead Guitar, Bass and Vocals. Simon Lanzon - Keyboards, Piano, Accordion and Vocals and Mike Thomson - Bass, 12 String Guitar and Vocals. 

1. Mother Earth (John Carr) - 5:13
2. Secret Of Life (Barry Husband) - 4:33
3. She's My Sister (Mike Thompson) - 2:46
4. Mystic Woman (John Carr) - 5:28
5. Sweet Liquor Woman (Mike Thompson) - 3:59
6. Waterwheel (Barry Husband, Simon Lanzon) - 3:56
7. Boy, You've Got The Sun In Your Eyes (Barry Husband) - 5:21
8. Shimmers Of Sound (Barry Husband, G. Griffith, Simon Lanzon) - 6:52
9. Swamp Fever (John Carr) - 3:40
10.Lost And Found (John Carr) - 4:17

Open Road
*Mike Thompson - Bass, 12 String Guitar, Vocals
*John Carr - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Barry Husband - Lead Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Simon Lanzon - Keyboards, Piano, Accordion, Vocals

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DanP said...

thanks marios, i'm gonna check it out!

sosgotcha said...

If I remember well, it was produced by Tony Reeves, bass player of GREENSLADE and CURVED AIR !
Excellent soft progrock !

Have a nice day,


kobilica said...

Something that I never heard before.Thank you"MARIOS"...

mscmichael said...

Thanks very much...

Alexandr said...

Thanks Marios!

Fernando said...

Alguém teria um novo link?
Desde já agradeço.

Tony Reeves said...

This is Tony Reeves, the producer. I was Creative Director of The Greenwich Gramophone Company when we made this album. I'm starting to clear out my studio, and I have found a rough mix tape - does anyone have any contact with the band as I would like to pass this tape on? Reach me at: