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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys - Albion Doo Wah (1970 us, impressive jamming country folk classic rock, 2013 issue)

A really compelling second set from Cat Mother and The All Night Newsboys – and quite different than the first! On their Polydor debut, the group had Jimi Hendrix at the production helm – but this time they're taking things on their own, with a feel that's nicely loose and freewheeling – and which really matches the woodsy image of the cover! 

The core mix of guitar and organ is still as tight as before – but it also gets some nice rootsy touches from violin, mandolin, and acoustic guitar – used in ways that echo folk and maybe preface a bit of redneck rock – yet which also have a bit more of a North Cali sort of sensibility in the long run.

1. Riff Raff (Bob Smith, Larry Packer, Michael Equine, Roy Michaels) - 5:28
2. Turkish Taffy - 2:58
3. Boonville Massacre - 4:11
4. I Must Be Dreaming - 4:17
5. Last Go Round (Jay Ungar) - 3:20
6. Strike A Match And Light Another (Jay Ungar) - 2:49
7. Been All Around The World (Traditional) - 4:58
8. Good Times (Roy Michaels) - 3:06
9. Albion Doo-Wah (Bob Smith, Jay Ungar, Larry Packer, Michael Equine, Roy Michaels) - 4:14
10.Rise Above It - 3:14
All compositions by Bob Smith except where indicated

Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys
*Roy Michaels - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
*Michael Equine - Drums, Guitar, Vocals
*Bob Smith - Electric Piano, Organ, Drums, Vocals
*Larry Packer - Lead Guitar , Violin, Mandolin, Vocals
*Jay Ungar - Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals
*Paul Johnson - Guitar
*Lyndon Lee Hardy - Vocals

1969  Cat Mother And The All Night News Boys - The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away

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Free Text II


angelitotitorito said...

Marios, you always have nice posts to all of us that love the 60's-70's rock. I request you for this group some time ago and now I see their second album here! As always, I have no other thing to do but thank you very much for your splendid work!!

mscmichael said...

Great one! Thanks a lot...

kobilica said...

To me even better than the previous album.Thank you...

Aaron Eel said...

Sounds like the score for the movie SHAFT.

Alexandr said...

Thanks Marios!

Woody said...

Really a fantastic album. Thank you very much.

sensi05 said...

Thanks you so much Marios, you made me really happy!
I'm also searching these two albums:

1972 Cat Mother (Polydor)
1973 Last Chance Dance (Polydor)

can anyone help me?

Bimbo said...

Very Good! An old favorite.

Marios said... host added....

beardedhead said...

Thanx! Thanx Marios!
I have this and the first and third Cat Mother albums on vinyl. I like them all.

kobilica said...
To me even better than the previous album.

--- For me too

sensi05 said...

I'm also searching these two albums:
1972 Cat Mother (Polydor)
1973 Last Chance Dance (Polydor)
can anyone help me?

---And I'm also searching them in FLAC.

only bizet said...

LAST CHANCE DANCE is on Silverado's Rare Music site:

Don't know if it's FLAC. It was posted 2 November 2014 so link should be still active.

Peter Cushing said...

Thank you for another gem of a record.


Saturday 3rd January 2015 21.32pm

Art Carey said...
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sensi05 said...

thanks only bizet