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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crack - Day Of Doom (1976 us, pleasant hard rock mixed with prog, psych some jazzy tunes, Radiocative edition)

A really good Hard Rock album this is boasting high production values throughout and apart from its rocking 12-bar opener, features some of the best hard rock psych you're likely to hear, with some outstanding flute in the Ian Anderson style and some fine synth work augmented by some strong piano and accompanying strings. Many tracks feature some decidedly jazzy interludes. 

1. Early Riser - 4:17
2. The Sailor Song - 6:14
3. Evil and Cruel - 5:31
4. Day of Doom - 4:54
5. Andrea - 2:21
6. Earth - 4:06
7. Me and My Momma - 2:37
8. The Brighter Side - 3:08

*Andrea Borega - Lead Vocals, Synthesizer, Percussion,
*Darryl Kaye - Backing Vocals, Flute, Guitar, Bass, Harp

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kobilica said...

Verry interesting album,worth to check it out.Thanks"MARIOS"...

adamus67 said...

Crack - Day of Doom reissue of rare banda Hard Rock 70's collection originally released in 1976 on the mysterious Tiger Lily Records label. The sounds here are quite a few tracks with Hard Rock melodic psychedelic and a bit sharper too, but nothing like you can imagine from the title track "Day Of Doom".

This unknown group recorded a rare and strange seal is one of those albums that will surprise you with their strength and quality. In this album you can listen to some of the best passages of psycho guitars you will ever hear, along with touches jazzys and with touches of flute Ian Anderson type.
The result: a record of those who like to listen many times to get all the juice possible. Since I came home has become a daily companion and always a joy to listen to some of his songs.

This is the second title we've released originally appeared on That the Tiger Lily label, (the other being the Velvet Turner Group's eponymous album - RRCD040) and although musically quite different, Both recordings boast the same high production values​​, with the sound on This Record, Which is Widely Regarded as one of the label's best albums, being particularly good.

Alleged Tiger Lily tax scam was another label, this time owned and run by Morris Levy, the head of Roulette, who was supposedly connected with a Well Known crime family and enjoyed the dubious distinction of being the model for Hesh in the Sopranos! During its brief lifetime the label released at least 70 albums from the likes of Dobie Gray and Richard Prior, as well as a clutch of obscure psych Which albums have Disappeared without trace.

Thx Marios.