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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Forum Quorum - The Forum Quorum (1968 us, enjoyable pop psych with some kitsch essence, 2012 Aurora issue)

The Forum Quorum comprises a group of Greek and Italian boys who dispense what manager Hal Davis calls a 'Mediterranean sound'. Lead instruments are electric bouzouki, placed by Sturg Pardalis, and shepherd's flute, played by Roger Galleo. 

Pardalis doubles on electric guitar and Galleo on organ. Co-partner of Pardalis is Sal Palazzolo. Others include Mike Battalia on bass and Brian Albano on drums. The lead singers are Pardalis, Palazzolo and Galleo, who write most of the material for the group.

The age range is 17 to 19. Musical mentor of the combo is Gus Pardalis, director of the music department of a Queens, NV Junior High School and a composer. Ad man Davis has provided promotional and marketing advice, and has already implemented a many sided campaign. This includes a Decca Records contract, a movie. Mission To Mars, with Darrin McGavin and Nick Adams, and publication of a book in two months by Grosset & Dunlap titled How To Form A Rock Group. 

Additionally, they have recorded the Girl Scout theme song, Follow The Piper, planned as a special project through that organization. Backing this up are engagements on the Mike Douglas Show, the Cheetah, teen clubs, commercials for Sattler's department store in Buffalo, a national TV commercial and nightly sessions at the group's home base in Astoria, NJ. Davis keeps the group under strict discipline. "I want them to realize the meter is running," he says. 

He seeks to inculcate them with what is happening on the contemporary scene, and its relation to the past and future. "I want them to be articulate spokesmen of the world of rock," he says, "just as I expect their booh to be a guide to the rock business for young groups"
Billb/rd, February 17th 1968

1. Girl Make Up Your Mind (Roger Calleo, Sal Palazzolo, Sturg Pardalis) - 3:01
2. Monologue (Gus Pardalis) - 2:41
3. 51st Though (Sal Palazzolo) - 3:39
4. There's No Runnin' Away (Sturg Pardalis) - 2:58
5. A Summer's Day (Sturg Pardalis) - 2:22
6. Misery (Roger Calleo) - 2:36
7. Your Turn To Cry (Sal Palazzolo) - 2:42
8. No More Tears (From The Sagittarius Production "Mission Mars") (Gus Pardalis) - 2:55
9. (I Wanna) Testify (Darwin Taylor, George Clinton) - 4:49
10. Just The Same (Sturg Pardalis) - 2:40
11. Synopsis (Roger Calleo, Sturg Pardalis) - 3:53

The Forum Quorum
*Sturg Pardalis - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Electric Bouzouki
*Sal Palazzolo - Rhythm Guitar
*Roger Calleo - Organ, Flute
*Brian Albano - Drums
*Bobby Castaldo - Bass

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  1. Released in the United States by the local branch of Decca, the only album very interesting formations permanently residing in New York, but made ​​up of Greek and Italian musicians. Richly orchestrated, psychedelic playing with cool bodies, distorted guitar, flute and elements of traditional Greek music. Really good album, which surely will appeal to all lovers of American rock from the late 60's.

    @Thx Marios!
    P.S. - Brian Albano drummer agreed to provide more information on the group Forum Quorum and their various projects.

  2. Gus Pardalis taught at Junior High School 125 in Sunnyside, Queens. I was one of his students, unfortunately not musically gifted like Sturge. I'm curious if anyone remembers the name of the drummer who was dumped as they went from Sturge and Sal …Plus! to the Forum Quorum. I felt rather bad for him at the time and to this day wonder if he had any follow-on musical career.

  3. Ευχαριστω πολυ Μαριε,για τον εξαιρετικο αγνωστο για μενα αυτον δισκο,να εισαι παντα καλα και να μας τροφοδοτεις με τετοιες καταπληκτικες μουσικες

  4. The band were out of Astoria, Queens which is located in New York City, not New Jersey. I saw the Forum Quorum do a gig at Long Island City High School circa 1970 and they had great stage presence and energy... very polished. There was a lot of enthusiasm about these local lads going on to fame. Sadly, I never saw or heard of them again.

  5. Hi Marios
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