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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Part 12 (1967-70 uk, pop psych and other flavours)

Don't think that there's nothing to be found just because it's Vol. 12. This series may've just taken a step up or two. Effervescent and dreamy UK popsike singles with way too many sound effects. A few detours for Animals-style R'n'B. 

Connections to Steve Hillage, Cat Stevens, the Syn. A couple of bands are Irish and there's one that's from Sri Lanka. Mostly though, it's TV starlets who were moving into singing, a great Scott Walker knockoff with a dash of prog (Egg's 'You Are All Princes'), and some slight missteps by Larry Page or Pye.

Artists - Tracks
1. Jigsaw - Mr. Job - 2:16
2. Kytes - End Of The Day - 2:31
3. Brotherhood - Paper Man - 2:24
4. Heatwave - Rastus Ravel / Is A Mean Old Man - 2:44
5. John Street And The Inmates - My Kind Of Luck - 2:06
6. Peter Janes - For The Sake Of Time - 2:04
7. A New Generation - Police Is Here - 2:52
8. Ayshea - Mister White's White Flying Machine - 3:42
9. Egg - You Are All Princes - 3:43
10.Dave Berry - Oh What A Life - 2:16
11.The Monopoly - We Belon Together - 3:31
12.The Nerve - Mystery Lady - 2:28
13.Granny's Intentions - Sandy's On The Phone Again - 2:19
14.Brian Parrish - In Good Time / Love Chant - 3:05
15.Marc Brierley - Autograph Of Time - 1:35
16.Friday Brown - The Outdoor Seminar - 1:28
17.Ranee And Raj - Razor Edge - 2:41
18.Dave Justin - Rachel - 3:24
19.Fable - She Said Yes - 3:10
20.Jigsaw - A Great Idea - 2:31

The Piccadilly Sunshine flavours 
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wcpaeb said...

Thanks for continuing to share this series.

Heatwave said...

Piccadilly Sunshine, Part Twelve – released 2nd April 2013, on the Particles label [previously, Past & Present Records] includes 'Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)' by [the original] Heatwave as track 4.

2nd November 1970, Heatwave released, 'Sister Simon (Funny Man)' :
b/w 'Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)' : (PEN 738), on the Larry Page Penny Farthing Records label.

Both songs were written and produced by John Edward for Instant Sound Production.
Neither the band nor John Edward, the songwriter / publisher, know anything about this re-release.

We can find no information about the Particles label and, as Mr. Carr, their U.K. distributor at Red River Exports, has been most unhelpful if not downright obstructive, is the album a bootleg for which he is personally responsible ~ any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this out! But I got to it too late and the links are dead? Any chance for a re-up?

Mr. T

Anonymous said...

Ignore the above comment. Links seem to be fine now. Maybe I'm tripping!

Mr. T

Heatwave said...

5th August, 2013, Larry Page told Martin Samuel (the Heatwave drummer) he has not heard of Mr. Steven Carr / Red River Exports Ltd. / the Particles label – nor has he licensed the Heatwave single, 'Sister Simon' b/w 'Rastus Ravel' (PEN 738) on Penny Farthing Records, to anyone since its release in 1970.

The Hurdy Gurdy Man said...

Thanks for sharing all these amazing compilations.

Is anyone else getting an error when trying to unpack Vol12?

Contaminator said...

@Unknown: No unpack error at all here. Note the password on the Free Text page.

* * *

Many thanks for sharing pt. 12. Great audio quality, as usual.


Marios said...

....All Piccadilly Sunshine
Volumes 1-12 recovered.....
Thank you.

Jose said...

Could share the rest of the volumes, please?
I love them
Take care

mandustrian said...

to The Heatwave

so the single has never been licenced since 1970? too bad.
now it's emerged available for the people - in any old fuckin' way - so they/we could enjoy it after decades of oblivion. isn't that bad?
hey, it's cool instead, ain't it? just decide what you keep foremost - money or (late-coming) fame? you may sue that label or crash that blog - but you won't be able to take the physical results of that w/you when you die, a truism. but as it is now, you get an unexpected plug among TRUE music lovers & a healthy loaf of fame that WILL LINGER ON.
choose for yourself brother...

Marios said...

Terry A, Piccadilly Sunshine Parts 1-12 heve been updated, I will add soon the rest volumes 13-20. Tahnk you!!

Terry A. said...

Marios, thank you for the monster reposting of all 12 volumes of the Piccadilly Sunshine series. I am most grateful. Thanks again for your terrific blog. Terry