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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Creative Rock - Gorilla (1972 germany, magnificent jazz brass rock)

With a good deal more invention and a powerful lead singer, their debut Gorilla was barely recognisable as German rock, yet despite this it was still rather good, full of complex brass arrangements and a most energetic rhythm section. LADY PIG followed in a similar, but heavier vein, with a bit more experimentation.

The last we know of Creative Rock was that in 1975 they were touring with an adventurous rock ballet production called “Die Creative Rock-Dekadenz-Show”. After that they transformed into Flight. Rainer Erbel is still active (2006) with the project “Steve Haggerty”. 
by Steven Freeman and Alan Freeman

1. Natron (K. Weber, M.M. Maas, R. Erbel) - 6:17
2. A Horseman's Morningsong (Hauff, M.M. Maas, R. Erbel) - 5:00
3. Tapeworm (K. Weber, R. Erbel) 5:30
4. Hear What I'm Talking (K. Weber, R. Erbel) 5:20
5. Blind People (K. Weber, R. Erbel) 9:10
6. This World Between 6 And 8 A.M. (K. Weber, R. Erbel) 4:47
7. Wunderbar (M.M. Maas, R. Erbel) - 6:40
8. Preussens Gorilla (Conny Plank, K. Weber) - 2:13

Creative Rock
*Rainer Erbel - Vocals
*Hubertus Kreutner - Trumpet, Vocals
*M.M. Maas - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
*Gunter Schmeide - Bass, Guitar
*Heiko Steinsiek - Drums, Percussion
*Rudiger Stremmel - Saxophone, Vocals
*Klaus Weber - Guitar, Percussion

1974  Lady Pig

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