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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Amboy Dukes - Migration (1969 us, hard psych, korean remaster)

The most prominent feature of Migration (the Amboy Dukes' third recording, originally released on Mainstream records) is the lack of a spaced-out follow-up to the group's biggest hit, "Journey to the Center of Your Mind." Perhaps "terrible" Ted Nugent was starting to win the drug war that was beginning to wage within the band, a war that would ultimately claim more than a few key lineup casualties. 

No matter the reason, Migration -- with it's less opaque drug references and general grooviness -- was given a cool reception at record stores as listeners perhaps became slightly confused about the Michigan band's intentions while pondering Nugent's relatively eclectic musical approach. Case in point: the spot-on version of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers' "I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent." 

Besides this bizarre but affective cover, other highlights include the instrumental opener "Migration" and one of Nugent's all-time favorite songs, "Good Natured Emma." More ambitious than the group's huge-selling effort from the year before, "Migration" might be the better of the two discs, if not the best of the Amboy Dukes' career. 
by Jason Anderson

1. Migration (Nugent) - 6:06
2. Prodigal Man (Nugent) - 5:48
3. For His Namesake (Farmer) - 4:26
4. I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent (Levy) - 1:53
5. Good Natured Emma (Nugent) - 4:37
6. Inside The Outside (Farmer) - 3:22
7. Shades Of Green And Grey (Farmer) - 3:05
8. Curb Your Elephant (Solomon) - 3:49
9. Loaded For Bear (Nugent) - 3:05
10. J.B. Special (Nugent, Farmer) - 2:32
11. Sobbin' In My Mug Of Beer (Nugent, Farmer) - 2:21

The Amboy Dukes
*Ted Nugent - Lead Guitar, Percussion
*Rusty Day - Lead Vocals, Percussion
*Greg Arama - Bass, Bass Vocals, Percussion
*Dave Palmer - Drums, Percussion
*Andy Solomon - Keyboards, Vocals, Horns, Percussion, Strings
*Steve Farmer - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Strings

1967  The Amboy Dukes
1968  Journey To The Center Of The Mind

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Anonymous said...

Thank you !


mf76 said...

Thanks for all these DUKES!!! :Love your blog

Andrew Scott said...

Are there any live recordings of the Amboy Dukes from 1969, featuring Rusty Day from Cactus as the band's frontman? If so, please post them. :)

robert babington said...

I remember Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes playing at the Waukegan twin arena on November 26th but I'm not sure of the year I thought it was either 75 or 76 can anyone refresh my memory