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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jardine - Look In The Window (1969 uk, psych sparkler with folk shades)

A lost jewel of the late 1960s UK psychedelia! Jardine recorded this album in 1969 for release by Polydor. That never happened, and the LP was shelved. 

Now, almost 40 years later, you can be among the first to discover the excellence of these brooding poetic tracks, all written by Keith Law just before he joined psych band Velvett Fogg for their only album. Something strange and sinister, with moments of fragile beauty, perhaps akin to what would have resulted if Comus had set their lyrics to Moody Blues-esque melodies. 

Some heavy guitar solos, organ, flute, and flowing sitar, for good measure. Most of the bands in Birmingham were either pop or soul hased. Velvet! togg, along ivith Black Sabbath, The Moi>e, and Traffic were probably the onfy progressive bands. Velvett Fogg was the more outrageous and the more psychedelic. Keith Law's band Love and Understanding was pure flower-power, and as such was being, they were in 1967, one of the first Psych bands. 

Jardine is the French translation of the English word "garden." Jardine is also the name of a short-lived but also charismatic and exceptional group from 1960 5 Birmingham, a hand that managed to leave some jewels which could easily have granted them a place close to the now legendary "kings" of the British psychedelic scene.
by Nick Karathanassis

1. Execution Of The Child (Version 1) - 4:07
2. Rain Day Julep - 3:48
3. Hello, Goodbye, Victoria Cane - 3:12
4. Hannah, Wife Of Thomas Kite - 1:57
5. Harpsichord - 3:40
6. Somewhere Within Orphelius - 4:09
7. Roses And Ribbons - 3:08
8. Masochists Of Strangulation - 3:09
9. Lady On The Hillside - 3:07
10. Execution Of The Child (Version 2) - 3:29
11. The Story Of Acorn Rose - 1:45
12. Blackbirds Of Jardine - 5:21
All songs by Keith Law.

*Keith Law - Vocals, Guitar, Flute
*Mickey Cox - Guitar, Vocals
*Brian Urquart - Bass
*Colin Appleyard - Drums
Guest Musicians
*Peter Frampton - Guitar
*Andy Brown - Keyboards
*Michael Berg - Keyboards

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echoes said...

So far, I had only one of their songs (Execution of a Child) in my collection and I am very glad, that now I will have the whole record.

kenrub said...


MIke Brandon said...

Oh, I do I hate to moan, esp. since I adore this blog(and have taken quite a few things from you here)

I am not sure. I downloaded the MP3 versions a few times.. and many of the files a seem corrupt.

I use the "unarchiver"(*mac) and it only gives me like 3 songs each time.

thanks for this blog. the Fading Yellow series made my year.

savageYHS said...

*THANKS!! - Great blog!!^_*

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks a lot. Merry Christmas

Psychfan said...

Thank you Marios!