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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stu Nunnery - Stu Nunnery (1973 us, wide country folk rock, Vinyl edition)

If you’ve never heard of Stu Nunnery, you’re probably not alone, but it would be your loss. Nunnery is a singer/songwriter who released one self-titled album on the short-lived Evolution label in 1973. The nine-song LP showcased a heady talent, playing a mix of folk-rock that fans of Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot and Jackson Browne should connect with immediately. 

Yet, Nunnery sounded like no one else. And if you’ve never heard him, read and listen on, for there’s plenty of great music to discover here.

Stu Nannery
"My story is a simple one. I did one album in 1973-74. Over the next couple of years, two of the cuts from that album“Madelaine” and “Sally From Syracuse”reached the Top 100 on the American charts. And in 1976 after I had left the company I was with“Lady It’s Time To Go,” which is on the flip side of the album, became the #1 Record in Rio de Janeiro and San Paulo, Brazil. 

And it was my recording of it, sold to a label called Copacabana Records, which was part of the RCA stable. And in 1976, I got a phone call after I had left the record company I was with, telling me I was a big star in South America, and, “Can you come down here and perform?”

1. The Isle Of Debris - 5:30
2. And That's Fine With Me - 3:35
3. Sally From Syracuse - 3:58
4. Madelaine - 3:30
5. Lady It's Time To Go - 3:30
6. Your Rise - 2:51
7. Diminished Love - 3:23
8. The Lady In Waiting - 3:28
9. Roads - 5:10
All songs by Stu Nunnery

*Andy Muson, Kirk Hamilton, Stu Woods - Bass
*Alan Schwartzeberg, Rick Marotta - Drums
*Eric Weissberg, Ken Kosek - Fiddle
*Al Gordoni, David Spinozza, Elliot Randall, Hugh McCracken, John Tropea - Guitar
*Buzzy Feiten - Bass
*Paul Griffin - Keyboards, Synthesizer
*Stu Nunnery -  Guitar, Vocals

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Hajul Ellah said...

A genre with "dusty" connotation in it is not to be trifled with. Many thanks!

Philipp said...

Thank you so much for this rare album. Vinyl-Rips are a lot of work. Greatful Marios!

Atutita said...

Thank you for this post. Rare for me.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful lost gem!! Never heard of this 'til I came here. Would love to hear similar artists of this particular genre.