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Monday, February 18, 2013

Pacific Gas And Electric - Get It On / The Kent Records Sessions (1968 us, awesome blues rock, 2009 Ace extra tracks remaster)

For decades, Pacific Gas and Electric’s “Get It On” has been considered one of the lost classics of blues-rock. Released on three different labels in less than two years, it has been out of print since the early 1970s.

Not long after making this record, the group signed a big recording deal with Columbia, where their engaging blend of blues, funk, rock and soul won them international acclaim and scored them several hits and best sellers. The “Get It On” sessions presented an altogether more torrid side of PG and E, with the electrifying lead guitar of former James Gang alumnus Glenn Schwartz pushing the group’s black lead singer Charlie Allen to aggressive heights that their later work seldom achieved. 

This energetic selection of blues and soul standards was mostly cut live on the studio floor, with few to no overdubs - and because it was recorded in this way, I was delighted to find that there were enough alternate takes, unissued jams and finished masters to double the original running time of the album for this CD. Many of these were mixed down for this release by Ace’s good friend Rob Keyloch, who has done remarkably well in staying true to the spirit of the original 1968s mixes.
by Tony Rounce

1. Wade In The Water (Arr. By Frank Cook, Freddy Demann) - 6:11
2. Cry, Cry, Cry (Deadric Malone) - 5:25
3. Motor City's Burning (Al Smith) - 6:45
4. The Hunter (Booker T. Jones, Carl Wells, Al Jackson Jr, Donald Dunn, Steve Cropper) - 3:21
5. Long Handled Shovel (Pacific Gas And Electric) - 3:31
6. Jelly Jelly (James Cotton) - 6:39
7. Stormy Times (Brent Block) - 2:43
8. Live Love (Tom Marshal) - 3:21
9. My Sweet Baby (Take 6) - 2:49
10. Dirty Mistreater (Take 2) - 3:02
11. Wade In The Water (Undubbed Version) - 4:54
12. Cry, Cry, Cry (Take 2) - 6:33
13. Stormy Times (Take 9) - 2:53
14. Long Handlded Shovel (Take 8) - 3:53
15. Jelly Jelly (Take 1) - 7:31
16. The Hunter (Take 1) - 5:07
17. Blues Chant (Take 2) - 3:36
Bonus tracks 9-17 from the Kent Records Sessions

Pacific Gas And Electric
*Charlie Allen - Vocals
*Brent Block - Bass,  Fuzz Bass
*Frank Cook - Drums
*Tom Marshall - Rhythm Guitar
*Glenn Schwartz - Lead Guitar
*Joe Sample - Organ, Piano

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mscmichael said...

That's a really great album! Thanks very much for this expanded version...

Woody said...

Thank you very much for this. Fantastic.

guinea pig said...


Anonymous said...

When i bought this album on vinyl in 1969,I bought it because of the cover art. i had never heard of PG&E previously and back then in Melbourne Australia they were hardly likely to be played on the radio.It was an album i ended up cherishing and played it to death. Since then, i've had several vinyl and cd copies,but this is a bonus i never expected.I'd never have found out about it without your site.thank you so much

zappahead said...

Hadn't heard it in years so its good to hear again....and the extras on it makes it extra special....much obliged...cheers.

Anonymous said...

hi everybody and help ! i've downloaded this gem of pacific gas and electric, i have a rar file, as indicated, i've typed xara as password but it does not work, it says bad password, what must i do ? thank you !

Anonymous said...

no sorry i made a mistake, it works fine. Great upload !!

Anonymous said...

Excellent and rare release. You made my day. Thank you very much!!
God bless Charlie Allen