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Friday, January 18, 2013

Edward Bear - Eclipse (1970 canada, fascinating melodic progressive rock, 2012 Flawed Gems edition)

Edward Bear’s sophomore lp came in the form of Eclipse the summer in 1970. Featuring a healthy dose of well-written tight folk-inspired pop, it was an obvious continuation of the first album. The first single "You Can't Deny It" was issued amid high hopes. 

Also a graphic artist, Weldon designed a sleeve for the 45 that actually had something for the buyer to look at, one of rock's first 45 sleeves to have some actual thought put into it. Again the group received a good critical response and decent airplay. 

Soon after their second release, Danny Marks left the band and their got  more softened but gained much more popularity.

1. Four Months Out to Africa (Paul Weldon) - 3:13
2. Chris' Song (Larry Evoy) - 6:23
3. You Can't Deny It (Danny Marks) - 4:40
4. Pickering Tower (Larry Evoy) - 2:57
5. T-1 Blues (Danny Marks) - 3:24
6. Pirate King (Larry Evoy) - 3:23
7. Long Forgotten Day (Danny Marks) - 4:55
8. Monday (Danny Marks) - 5:40

Edward Bear
*Larry Evoy - Drums, Vocals
*Danny Marks - Banjo, Composer, Guitar, Vocals
*Paul Weldon - Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals

1969  Edward Bear - Bearings

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kobilica said...

Extra thanks for this second album...

guinea pig said...


Anonymous said...

wrong album with right covers

Anonymous said...

"wrong album with right covers"
album = Bearings 1969

echoes said...

Another Bear? Great, Bearings sounds great so this should also be good.
Thx and have a nice weekend

adamus67 said...

First time on CD! Released in 1970, the Capitol effort, the second album is similar to debut (but slightly better) an incredible sensation that old music is still a lot to discover! This relatively (as yet) unknown music is sophisticated and catchy combination of early prog-rock, late, psychedelic rock, blues, and ambitious, baroque pop... Full-blown "late psych/early prog" music based on doomy Hammond organ sounds, intense and heavy guitar parts.
Beatles-like melodies and blues elements, quite similar to early Traffic, Procol Harum and even Andwella's Dream. This is the name to which we can compare the music of this underrated formation. Was a sound engineer Terry Brown - later producer best albums Rush. In 1972, the band changed slightly up, softened, recorded sympathetic, very combative Last Song (No. 3 in the U.S.), then mega popular LP Edward Bear (1973) and became a star pop rock (and Quentin Tarantino's favorite group), making two excellent previous albums have been forgotten over the years.

Marios: Thanks for reminding me about them!

Marios said...

Mascot, both releases of "Edward Bear" updated!!