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Monday, December 24, 2012

Jonathon Round - Jonathon Round (1971 us, fabulous psychedelic folk rock, 2009 korean remaster)

Jonathon was a huge man, very huge according to the people who met him, he also had a huge voice and wide open way of musical thoughts. His roaring theatrical version of "Sympathy For The Devil"  made an effect  by the time it's release, but couldn't drift the album to make the splatter that he expected and the sales stood in low numbers.

That of course means nothing at all, the rest album keeps the high stature, from the opening "In Quest Of Unicorn" to his aspect of the Bee Gees "To Love Somebody"  we are tasting some great vocal work, supplemented by musicianship which is practically beyond reproach.

1. In Quest of the Unicorn (J. Round) - 4:56
2. Don't It Make You Want to Go Home (Joe South) - 3:10
3. Tolu (Round) - 5:13
4. Sympathy for the Devil (Jagger, Richards) - 6:01
5. To Love Somebody (Gibb, Gibb) - 3:00
6. Traveling Mama Blues (J. Round) - 4:11
7. And I Will Not Be Moved (J. Round) - 4:45
8. Train-A-Comin' (J. Round) - 2:36
9. Young Sadie (Dancing Lady) (J. Round) - 5:34

*Thaddeus Markiewicz - Strings
*Carl Raetz - Trombone
*Felix Resnick - Strings
*Sylvester Rivers - Keyboards
*Alvin Score - Strings
*Haim Shtrum - Strings
*Beatriz Staples - Strings
*Jonathan Round - Vocals, Guitar
*John Griffith - Keyboards
*Jack Boesen - Strings
*Fred Boldt - Sax (Baritone)
*Edgar Clanton - Vocals (Background)
*Boob Coward - Flute, Oboe
*LeRoy Fenstermacher - Strings
*Sam Fozzini - Drums
*Parke Grout - Trombone
*Virginia Hoffman - Strings
*LaVerna Mason - Background Vocals
*Santo Urso - Strings
*Dave Banks - Background Vocals
*Dennis Coffey - Guitar
*Mike Theodore - Synthesizer, Guitar
*Doris Jones - Background Vocals
*Pat Webb - Background Vocals
*Jack Ashford - Percussion
*Bob Babbitt - Bass
*Barbara Fickitt - Strings
*Leo Harrison - Trombone
*George Hawkins - Trombone
*David Ireland - Strings
*Emanuel Johnson - Background Vocals

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