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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Various Artists - English Freakbeat Vol. 2 (60's uk, great rough hard 'n' rhythm)

With 10 bonus tracks this CD version of English Freakbeat Vol. 2,  including many unknown and some well know names like Ritchie Blackmore - The Lancasters, Steve Howe - The Syndicats, The Wheels,  The Koobas and many others.  A worthwhile compilation not only for historical reasons but also for the chance to listen some great lost gems.

Artists - Tracks
1. Glenn Athens And the Trojans - Let Me Show You - 4:30
2. Sessions - Let Me In - 2:47
3. Mickey Finn - Garden of My Mind - 2:32
4. Mickey Finn - Time to Start Loving You - 2:42
5. Peter Kubaska - I Love Her - 2:38
6. Peter Kubaska - Face - 2:33
7. Beat Merchants - So Fine - 2:43
8. Beat Merchants - Messin' With the Man - 2:15
9. Wolf Pack - We're Gonna Howl - 1:39
10.Syndicats - Howlin' for My Baby - 2:51
11.Soul Agents - Gospel Train - 3:48
12.Soul Agents - I Just Wanna Make Love to You - 2:28
13.Muleskinners - Back Door Man - 3:49
14.Muleskinners - Missed Your Lovin' - 2:27
15.Wheels - Don't You Know - 2:50
16.Wheels - Road Block - 3:21
17.Blueberries - Please Don't Let Me Know - 2:34
18.Blueberries - It's Gonna Work Out Fine - 2:51
19.Blue Rondos - Little Baby - 2:38
20.Dakotas - 7 Pounds of Potatoes - 2:24
21.Limeys - Cara-Lin - 2:24
22.Lancasters - Earthshaker - 1:44
23.Lancasters - Satan's Holiday - 1:55

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sorogan said...

Thank you very much Cudawaver and Marios !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot !


GaragePunk66 said...

Thanks again going out to Cudawaver and Marios for more Freakbeat!

billm said...

Thanks Cudawaver & Marios

cudawaver said...

Peter Kubaska? Didn't he put an album "KOOBAS-A-GO-GO"? (I'm kidding of course). Thanks Marios for your kind words on vol 1. It rewards me to know others who love this genre of significant music and I'm glad to help always. Also glad GP66 got the no. 1 OK.

sparkler said...

Many thanks to Cudawaver & Marios!

filldemontgat said...

Please and thanks...

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