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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Various Artists - The Cycle Savages / O.S.T. (1969 us, superb psychedelic rock with rare tracks, 2012 Reel Time edition)

Written and directed by Bill Brame (who usually served as an editor on TV shows such as Star Trek), this exceptionally violent biker movie concerns a Los Angeles gang named Hell's Chosen Few that kidnaps, drugs, rapes and sells women into a Las Vegas prostitution ring. It stars an intense Bruce Dern as their sociopathic ringleader, Keeg, who at one point orders a sensitive artist named Romko (played by Chris Robinson, later to star in TV soap The Bold & The Beautiful) to have his hands crushed in a vice, for the sin of having sketched his cohorts while the smashed up a hamburger joint. 

As well as Melody Patterson as the female lead Lea, it somewhat oddly features co-producer and famed DJ Casey Kasem in a cameo role as Dern's brother. Critical response was unenthusiastic, with the New York Times remarking that 'there's a plethora of senseless beatings, torture, love making and robbery, to say nothing of a gang rape before these crackpot cyclists are unseated or killed,' while Leonard Maltin dismissed it as nothing more than 'sadism and torture galore'. 

Its rare soundtrack appeared in early 1970, and is best-remembered for featuring rare tracks by two cult psychedelic rock bands, Orphan Egg and The Boston Tea Party. The former (who came from California) were involved because they'd won the Vox Band Battle For Stardom (held at a Simon & Garfunkel gig at Forest Hills in August 1967), the prize for which was 'a guaranteed film contract with American International Pictures and an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood'. 

Their sole album appeared in June 1968, and contained three tracks also included here (the exception is We Have Already Died, which was presumably taped at the same time, though Falling is offered in a different mix). The Boston Tea Party, meanwhile (who were also from California) had an album of their own out in 1968 too. Of their tracks, Chained To Your Heart is exclusive to the Cycle Savages soundtrack. 

Their drummer Dave Novogroski later joined Edge, while guitarist Mike Stevens formed cult hard rockers Highway Robbery. The remaining four tracks are credited to soundtrack co-producer Jerry Styner, vocalist Randy Johnson and studio band the Cycle-Mates. The LP sold poorly, and has changed hands on eBay in recent years for upwards of $75.

Tracks - Artists
1. Theme From Cycle Savages - The Cycle-Mates - 2:16
2. Fly, Superman Fly - Randy Johnson - 2:04
3. Fantasy - Boston Tea Party - 2:49
4. Falling - Orphan Egg - 3:45
5. I've Got To Let You Go - Jerry Styner And His Orchestra - 2:51
6. Chained To Your Heart - Boston Tea Party - 2:12
7. Don't Go To Him - Orphan Egg - 2:14
8. Virgin's Vengeance - The Cycle-Mates - 2:21
9. We Have Already Died - Orphan Egg - 2:40
10.Mourning Becomes Electra - Orphan Egg - 2:24

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DanP said...

BAd movie, good music?!?! Love Bruce Dern though...I feel compelled to investigate, perhaps against my better judgement! :D

Pello said...

Many thankx for this.

sorogan said...

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Cositronico said...

Curiouos BSO. Great bands, Boston Tea, Orphan and a great song, Fly, superman fly. Thanks.

psychonaut said...

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GaragePunk66 said...

Love that monster fuzz riff on the Theme! Cool share Marios, as always extending a big thanks for that voodoo that you do.

Philipp said...

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rich said...

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Marios said...

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the saucer people said...

Thanks for the new links Marios, this is one hell of a great soundtrack! Probably my favourite biker soundtrack and film is the early seventies Australian film 'Stone' - its a totally tripped out experience of sight and sound!

If any biker Soundtrack fans come across a
vinyl Rip of Harley Hatcher's 1969 'The Wild Sounds Of Satan's Sadists' please let me know - I keep hoping it will get a CD Reissue as the few songs I've heard off it are wonderful.