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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Various Artists - Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time (1966-68 us, great texas psychedelic brands)

By the time 1966 ended, many of the groups in Texas that started out playing British Invasion and folk-rock music, were now immersing themselves in the newly emerging psychedelic music. The five groups that comprise this album reflect the changes that occurred during this period and four of them even changed their names to sound more psychedelic.  The Nomads became Smoke, Carrols Mood became The Sights And Sounds, The New Imperials became The Front Page News, and The Boys became The Remaining Few.

Represented by twelve tracks on this album, The Nomads/Smoke, started out playing folk-rock music, but by 1967 went psychedelic-as witnessed by their “freak-out” version of “My Little Red Book” replete with backwards tapes. “Carrols Mood” went from singing ballads to surreal songs such as “Mystical Bells”. 

The Front Page News went from the soul of “Baby Let Me Bang Your Box” to the fuzz drenched “Thoughts and Afterthoughts”.  If the 13th Floor Elevators were the epitome of what a Texas psychedelic band was, then the groups on this album were not far behind in trying to emulate that state of existence. Here then are twenty-two tracks compiling the changes that occurred from late 1966 to 1968, when the Texas bands went metaphorically speaking from “Kool-Aid” to “Electric Kool-Aid Acid”.  

Tracks - Artists
1. What You're Doing to Me (Previously Unreleased Mix) - Carrols Mood - 3:47
2. Out She Goes (Previously Unreleased Mix) - Carrols Mood - 2:30
3. I'll Be There (Single Master) - The Nomads - 2:39
4. I Walk Alone (Single Master) - The Nomads - 2:26
5. Thoughts (Previously Unreleased Mix) - The Front Page News - 3:09
6. My Little Red Book (Unreleased Master) - The Nomads - 1:58
7. Situations - The Nomads - 2:45
8. Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time (Single Master) - The Nomads - 3:22
9. The New Generation (Previously Unreleased Mix) - The Rebellers - 2:45
10.Mainstream (Single Master) - The Smoke - 2:35
11.Church House Blues (Single Master) - The Smoke - 3:28
12.Painted Air - The Remaining Few - 3:37
13.In the Morning - The Remaining Few - 2:40
14.Mystical Bells (Unreleased Master) - The Sights And Sounds - 3:28
15.You Keep Me Hangin' On (Unreleased Master) - The Sights And Sounds - 2:49
16.I Walk Alone (Previously Unreleased Mix) - Carrols Mood - 3:02
17.Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time (Take 1) - The Nomads - 2:33
18.Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time (Take 2) - The Nomads - 2:50
19.Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time (Take 3) - The Nomads - 3:26
20.Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time (Take 4) - The Nomads - 3:23
21.My Little Red Book (Previously Unreleased Alternate Mix) - The Nomads - 1:56
22.Out She Goes (Alternate Version) - The Sights And Sounds - 2:29

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