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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eden's Children - Eden's Children / Sure Looks Real (1968-69 us, splendid psych rock, bosstown sound, 2006 reissue)

The first album by Boston's most exciting trio, getting rare now as an original, and unavailable to many, it failed to sell after its release despite a good welcome by critics. After more than 40 years the album stands the weight of time and provides nine robust songs with all the fuzz you can ask for, a constant pounding drum beat and even some Eastern influences. The record is probably worth it alone for the great guitar playing of Richard Schamack 'Sham' and its cool psychedelic cover.

Follow up to their seminal 1968 debut, this brings you another example of what the Eden's Children are known for, and why they are openly (even back then) acclaimed as the best Boston band. Led by Richard 'Sham' Schamach's fine guitar playing and backed by the tight rhythm section of bassist Larry Kiley and drummer Jimmy Sturman, the children unload in this album another twelve songs of fuzzy psychedelic sounds. Some people argue this to be even better than their first, but we'll let the listener judge.

Eden's Children
1. Knocked Out - 3:16
2. Goodbye Girl - 3:20
3. If She’s Right - 2:34
4. I Wonder Why - 3:29
5. Stone Fox - 3:05
6. My Bad Habit - 2:22
7. Just Let Go - 7:43
8. Out Where The Light Fish Live - 5:05
9. Don’t Tell Me - 4:48
Sure Looks Real
10.Sure Looks Real - 4:29
11.Toasted (Larry Kiley) - 2:05
12.Spirit Call - 2:44
13.Come When I Call - 3:44
14.Awakening - 2:08
15.The Clock’s Imagination - 2:54
16.Things Gone Wrong - 4:06
17.Wings (Larry Kiley) - 2:40
18.Call It Design - 3:20
19.Invitation - 3:36
20.Echoes - 2:20
All songs written by Richard 'Sham' Schamach, except where noted.

Eden's Children
*Richard "Sham" Schamach - Vocals, Guitar
*Larry Kiley - Bass
*Jimmy Sturman - Drums

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Anonymous said...

This is a nice collection, but the reviewer is a complete knob!

Marios said...

Thank you Anonymous, you're absolutely right, that's why I replaced the review.

Anatoly said...

Looks and reads like fun. Thank you, Marios!

nugger jiggle said...

Thanks so much, this is great.

nikos said...

Thanks! Read about these albums in the "Endless Trip" book and am looking forward to hearing them. The book especially commends the guitar playing of Richard Schamach.

Doktor_Kuhn said...

I have Sure Looks Real, in fact I'd like to memorize the lyrics.

Cañamón said...

Re-up up please, Marios thank you.

Marios said...

Cañamón, "Eden's Children - Eden's Children / Sure Looks Real", renew...

Tommy Duque said...

Gracias mi amigo Marios, very nice.