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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sky "Sunlight" Saxon And Firewall - Destiny's Children (1986 us, great neo garage psych, original Vinyl issue)

Saxon, who had not produced any new albums since 1978, returned on the U.K. Psycho label in 1984 with "Starry Ride", which featured support from Steppenwolf's Mars Bonfire (composer of "Born to Be Wild"), as well as former members of Iron Butterfly and Fraternity of Man. The Saxon/Bonfire collaboration reached full fruition in the group Firewall, who debuted with the album " Destiny's Children " in 1986 ( “A Groovy Thing”  features the same songs in a different order).

Together with (producer also) Frank Beeson and the Great Mars Bonfire, Sky co-penned all the songs, he had always the convenience easily to create songs, he did that here too, with one eye in the 60's, he tried to fit to the neo garage psych sound that was established in the 80's, demonstrating Saxon's enduring influence and appeal, particularly among that set of musicians, such as Rich Coffee by Thee Fourgiven, Steve Wynn from Dream Syndicate, Ric  Albin  and Dave Provost by the Droogs,  Ray McDonald from The Things,  Lee Joseph  by Yard Trauma, members from Plimsouls,  Dream 6 and others.  

A great set of playlist, with “Starving For Your Love” as a head line and titles like “The Spirit Of The Sixties”  preparing what comes up next.  I will be delightful to post  other records from musicians and bands, mentioned above,  if anyone is kind to ask for.  

Thank you all, for your love and support to Rockasteria.

1. Starving for Your Love - 3:36
2. Burning Down the Walls of the City - 3:24
3. Spirit of the Sixties (Return to the Sixties) - 4:40
4. Love Dog - 3:32
5. House of Mine - 3:32
6. Sha La La La It's a Groovy Thing - 3:07
7. Medley: Over-Reaction/Hollywood Blvd (Saxon, Bonfire, Beeson, Coffee, Joseph, Ganz, McDonald) - 7:21
All songs, by Sky Saxon, Mars Bonfire and Frank Beeson umless otherwise written.

*Sky "Sunlight" Saxon - Lead Vocals
*Mars Bonfire - "Cheeesey" Keyboards
*Rich Coffee - Guitar
*Roy McDonald - Drums
*Eddie Munoz - Guitar
*Dan West - Guitar
*Shelley Ganz - Guitar
*Leee Joseph - Bass
*Greg Stewart - Bass
*Toby Keil - Bass
*Steve Wynn - Vocals, Guitar
*David Provost - Vocals
*Ric Albin - Vocals
*Marc Platt - Vocals
*Alan Berman - Vocals
*Frank Beeson - Vocals
*Julie M. - Vocals
*Johnette - Vocals
*Tracy Ziegler - Vocals
*Julie Walker - Vocals

Othe Sky's releases:
1965-93  Pushin' Too Hard

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DanP said...

I met Sky as well as a later incarnation of The Seeds in San Francisco a few times. Sky even invited my to play with him (not ongoing, just a "jam")--really wish I'd followed through on that one before he passed! Thanks so much for this and love...

Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks for this vinyl rip Marios!

Sergey said...

thank you very much! I love Vinyl. Excellent sound

George S. said...

Thank you very much Marios.

Anonymous said...

Psychedelia from 1986??? What do they know :)

becks dark said...

I got to see Sky once a few years ago in Detroit. Great show and a nice guy too. R.I.P.

Marios said...

.....Sky Sunlight Saxon...Updated.....