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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Beethoven Soul - The Beethoven Soul (1967 us, wonderful beat psych, baroque sunshine pop, Vinyl edition)

Six piece brass band, who came from L.A. (according to Fuzz Acid and Flower), despite the Al Kooper’s   composition “New York's My Home”. 

The band formed round 1966 and release their sole –self titled- album in 1967, sounding close to psychedelic sunshine, baroque pop, sometimes flirting with more garage beats.

After their disbanded in 1970, Lambert, Lewis and Hale all went on to play together in Pollution, a late '60s L.A.-based rock band with jazz undertones. 

A Really pleasant and much of the late sixties era feeling, this vinyl edition,  I’m not aware if there’s or going to be a CD reissue, until then, sit back, relax and make your self comfortable to enjoy the Beethoven Soul.

1. The Walls Are High (Saher, Ahari) - 2:19
2. Walkin' Through the Streets of My Mind (Millrose, Hess) - 2:58
3. A Violent Crime (Griffin, Farthingsworth XIV) - 2:27
4. The Price Is High (Roger Tillison) - 2:35
5. All Those Little Things (Roy Powell) - 2:05
6. She Won't See the Light (Wolfson, Carter) - 2:00
7. New York's My Home (Al Kooper) - 2:27
8. Dreams (Griffin, Gordon) - 2:28
9. Good Time Gal (Roger Tillison) - 2:19
10.Hey George (Roy Powell) - 1:59
11.Beggin' Your Pardon Lady (Griffin, Gordon) - 2:10

The Beethoven Soul
*Otis Hale - Woodwind 
*Andrea Kouratou - Strings 
*John Lambert - Bass  
*Dick Lewis - Keyboards , Brass
*Bill Powell - Guitar 
*Terry Nu - Percussions


mclehast said...

Thanks!Anatoly and Marios!Толик! вот и свершилось!Рип уже здесь!

robert Pally said...

Great album. I wished someone would release it on CD!



Anonymous said...

muchas gracias !!!

sorogan said...

Thanx Anatoly and Marios!

Philipp said...

Thank you so much. I love Sunshine & Bubblegum music!

ARGS said...

Xίλια ευχαριστώ Μάριε!

George S. said...

Thank you very much Marios for this.

Anonymous said...

¿Lo ecualizaste?, los agudos suenen un tanto estridentes.

Anatoly said...

Ecualizador no se utiliza. La calidad de la producción en este caso no cumple con el nivel de la música, por desgracia. El álbum fue grabado de manera irregular, al parecer, en varios estudios.

Vic said...

Thank you Marios!
Very appreciate all your work!

GrUrs said...

Is it possible to restore the links?
Would like to listen this fabulous band very-very much
Thanks in advance!

Marios said...

....Soulive again....

GrUrs said...

Thanks a lot for fast reply.
You've made my day.
Keep your great blog alive!!!