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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Doctor K's Blues Band - Doctor K's Blues Band (1968 uk, fabulous electric psych blues rock, japan 2007 remaster)

Electric urban blues, particularly of the hard-hitting Chicago variety, became big news in Britain in the middle of the 1960's, not so much as performed by its American originators, but rather like the beat music and R&B which preceded it - via home grown interpretation by enthusiasts who began as fans and developed their enthusiasm as musicians.

Among the initiates on this post-R&B scene were Dr K's Blues Band, formed in Muswell Hill, North London (Kinks country!) by Ashley Hutchings, who was destined to find his folkier roots and considerably more success a couple of years later with Fairport Convention. When Hutchings moved on, the line up eventually stabilised as Mick Haase on vocals and harmonica, the enigmatic Dr. K. on piano, Geoff Krivit on lead guitar, Roger Rolt on slide and rhythm guitar, Harold Vickers on bass and Eric Peachy on drums.

Dr. K's Blues Band played the London/home counties circuit initially, but soon started to move around the country as the blues circuit spread and eventually even found himself playing gigs abroad in Italy and Denmark. Their original forte was the small club and music-featuring pub - the natural homes as it were, of an electric blues quintet in their transatlantic equivalents (honky tonk/dive). After a couple of years, however some of these smaller venues were supplanted by the university and college circuits which became very much their spiritual home.

Their successful career on the live circuit did not translate automatically into a recording deal for the band until 1968. Espying a growing musical boom. Spark Records decided to board the bandwagon by signing up some of the non-contracted groups on the blues circuit and approached Dr. K's manager, Roger Simpson. But Spark Records lacked the experience and expertise in promotion and distribution to ensure widespread press coverage, media exposure or high street stocking of their albums.

Eventually and inevitably, the original band started to break up as the decade drew to a close. Eric the drummer was the first to leave, being replaced by Jeff Alien. By the middle of the 1970's, only Mick Haase and Roger Rolt remained of the original members. The whole team decided to call it a day and split up.

1. I Can't Lose (Geoff Krivit) - 2:50
2. Walking (Geoff Krivit, Mick Hasse) - 3:26
3. Key To The Highway (Eric Peachey, Richard Kay, Geoff Krivit, Mick Hasse, Roger Rolt) - 6:26
4. Crippled Clarence (Richard Kay) - 2:45
5. Pet Cream Man (Roger Rolt) - 2:09
6. Messin' With Kid (Richard Kay, Geoff Krivit, Mick Hasse, Roger Rolt) - 2:02
7. Don't Quit The Man You Love, For Me (Mick Hasse, Richard Kay) - 2:24
8. Rolty's Banjo Shuffle (Geoff Krivit, Richard Kay, Roger Rolt) - 2:10
9. Strobe Lemming's Lament (Richard Kay) - 1:46
10.Long Distance Call (Richard Kay) - 4:30
11.I Feel So Bad (Richard Kay) - 2:49

Dr K's Blues Band
*Mick Hasse - Harmonica, Vocals
*Geoff Krivit - Bass, Guitar
*Eric Peachey - Drums
*Roger Rolt - Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Slide Guitar, National Steel Guitar
*Harold Vickers - Bass
*Richard Kay - Piano


kobilica said...

Fine early white blues.Thanks"MARIOS"

Nazareth said...

Many thanks, Marios!

mscmichael said...

Nice one ! Thanks a lot...

Alexandr said...

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

gracias por estas bellezas musicales.

Marios said...


Anonymous said...

Dr K's were my introduction to live blues and I was delighted to get to know the band. They were certainly excellent live and Krivit on guitar was just mind blowing. I have many happy memories of seeing them at various gigs around the country and would inevitably wake up in london, usually at Krivit's house where his lovely and sympathetic mother would bring me a cup of tea to face the day. Wonderful stuff.

Psy Guy said...

Thanks Marios

Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Hmmmm...seems the band (or its record company or manager) took a few liberties assigning themselves writing credits on songs 3, 6, 10 & 11 perhaps? Maybe they just liked their arrangements enough. Regardless, thanks Marios! The band can have all of my paid in royalties for their elder year retirements! 8^)

Unknown said...

I remember going to one of Mick Haase's first ever gigs in a North London pub. I think I may have been the only person there, invited along by Mick, who I used to work with
I remember him saying they never got paid for the gig as the guy who set it up did a runner!

Keith James