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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Various Artists - The Room of Loud Sound: White Lace & Strange, Vol. 2 (1968-72 us, excellent compilation with heavy psych gems)

Psych comps come and go, but the Psychic Circle label's simultaneously released Realistic Patterns and The Room of Loud Sound are there to stay. Credit that to the Bevis Frond's Nick Saloman who did a great job compiling these lost gems. Saloman clearly understands that rarity is not enough to make a good track, and that musical quality does not necessarily translate into a good album.

In the end, it's all about selection and order: selecting outstanding tracks (and keeping the filler out) and ordering them into a track list that will create its own sense of purpose. This he has succeeded to do on The Room of Loud Sound, a thrilling ride through some of America's best forgotten heavy psychedelic numbers from 1968 to 1972.

The fuzz guitar and the sleazy organ are the key features in all the music heard here, but approaches vary. In fact, there is quite some ground covered between Hot Soup's Hendrix-like anthem "You Took Me by Surprise," and Hammer's fast-paced blues rocker "Something Easy," and Carlo's funky take on "Fever."

Other highlights include Morning Sun's "Dark Hair," and the Mystic Number National Bank's "Beautician Blues," but the jewel of the crown here is Florida band Fantasy's "Understand," featuring the phenomenal singer Lydia Janene Miller (the closest anyone got to emulating Janis Joplin).
by Francois Couture

Artists - Tracks
1. Hot Soup - You Took Me by Surprise - 2:45
2. Bump - Got to Get You Back - 2:39
3. Fuse - Permanent Resident - 3:55
4. Carlo - Fever - 2:41
5. Five By Five - Good Connection - 3:25
6. Plant And See - Put out My Fire - 3:21
7. Morning Sun - Dark Hair - 2:19
8. Today's Special - Krista - 2:41
9. Fantasy - Understand - 3:21
10.Mister Beeler - Henrietta - 2:52
11.Peace And Quiet - You Can Wait Till Tomorrow - 3:10
12.Tombstone Shadow - 2:39
13.Salem Witchcraft - Rock & Roll Lover - 4:18
14.Vagrants - Beside the Sea - 2:17
15.Hammer - Something Easy - 2:54
16.Blowtorch - C'mon & Get It - 2:57
17.Locomotive - Get on Away - 3:18
18.Eagle - Pack Up - 3:51
19.Mystic Number National Bank - Beautician Blues - 1:57
20.Silk - Skitzo Blues - 4:28

For Vol 1 here:
1968-72 White Lace And Strange

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ARGS said...

Πολλά ευχαριστώ Μαριε για αυτή εδώ την ανάρτηση!

snakeboy said...

You and Nick Salamon are always "on the money."

Laurent said...

Another fine compilation by Psychic Circle label. Lydia Janene Miller was only 16 years old during the release of the album by FANTASY(original lp Liberty Records LST-7643).In addition to being beautiful as a goddess, she has an extraordinary voice, and would have deserved to have a more substantial career. The song "Understand" was also cover (to my great surprise) by the japanese singer Carmen Maki with Blues Creation, another outstanding version.Many thanks Marios for the sharing , there is some groups on this compilation that i don't know.

DanP said...

Wow, very cool, thanks Marios! I really like the White Lace & Strange comp called "It's All Gone Heavy Over There", so I am "psyched" [;)] by the chance to hear this one.

DanP said...

Any chance we might get a post of the one referred to called Realistic Patterns?

Remy said...

Wow, I'm listening to this great collection right now (currently enjoying track 9) Thanks, Marios!

psychonaut said...

Great post, much appreciated! Thanks!! :-)

sorogan said...

Thanx, Marios!

Tommy Duque said...

Gracias Marios !!
I listen to both of these albums when going to work..
You are the best !!!

buzzie said...

Just incredible, a very nice selection! Thanks a lot Marios, a nice follow-up to vol.1

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, but do you have to use a link hoster that displays porn? Not that I have a problem with it personally but I am on a public computer and could get banned and humiliated if anyone saw that on the screen.

Marios said...

As I wrote before, this was supoosed to be a link potection
I'm gonna remove this.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Link says account suspended

Marios said...

Anonymous, The Room of Loud Sound reup...

Anonymous said...

Thank You