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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vacations are Over....


guru-guru said...

Hi Marios,
This is a provocation to his faithful followers, I just have to hope that you enjoy your much deserved vacation. We await your return ....

Michael said...

Waiting for your coming back Marios, hope you enjoyed your wonderful vacation with your family. Nice pics you posted.

Brain Police said...

Hi Marios, I thought I warned you about the ouzo LOL!!

Marios said...

I brought a 2lit ouzo so I don't have to worry about autumn (lol),
pics are not mine but they are from the place I was.
Thank you all for your support,
you guys are fantastic, kept this blog active.

spaceboy5367 said...

Looks like you had a relaxing time... beautiful scenery! Welcome back Marios ;)

bobrock said...

Hi Marios, welcome beck my friend, nice place for vacation, best regards Dusan