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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sugar Bear - Sugar Bear (1970 us, rural rock with blues, country and folk psych blinks)

Another private pressing from the 70s, this time a charming chunk of rural rock from the sunshine state. Originally released on No Label Recordings, this four-piece from Florida (named after the hip American 70s singin'n'guitar-playin' cartoon character, Sugar Bear) have managed to produce an album of high originality which defies categorization.

In terms of musical styles, the ''rural rock'' probably covers just about everything, from rock'n'roll to the blues and plain ol' country rock in the style of The Outlaws or Pure Prairie League, of course there are some psychedelic touches, think a cross line betwwen Jefferson Airplain and Byrds with drops of Santana.

Today’s “Sugarbear” consists of Ivan Bailey on bass, John McLaughlin on lead guitar, and Eric Chick on drums. Ivan and John have been together about 44 years. Started out in Miami as “The Goldtones”, later changed to “The Roustabouts”. Moved to the Ocala area and became “The Merger” and in 1972 changed the name to “Sugarbear”.

1. Playing Music (John McLaughlin) - 2:14
2. Honey Love (Ivan Bailey) - 4:34
3. Moccasin Mona (H.C. Perryman) - 5:03
4. Sweetest One Around (H.C. Perryman) - 3:31
5. Play Me a Song (John McLaughlin) - 3:18
6. Let It Roll (John McLaughlin) - 3:12
7. Seasons for Love (John McLaughlin) - 4:39
8. Garden (John McLaughlin) - 3:19
9. Move out in the Country (John McLaughlin) - 4:06
10. Hip! Hip! Hooray for Today (John McLaughlin) - 1:58

Sugar Bear
*John McLaughlin - Vocals, Lead, Rhythm, 12 String Guitars, Harmonica
*Ivan Bailey - Vocals, Fender Bass, Harmonica
*H.C. Perryman - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica
*Trent Slemmer - Drums, Percussion

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kobilica said...

This is an fantastic surprise.I just love this kind of music,actually runs troug my vein.Many thanks for all your work...

Hotroder said...

Beer in one hand & sitting out on the porch.
Nothing beats listening to rural rock while living in a rural area.
Thanks Marios nice upgrade for me.

Fuzzy Daddy said...

Excellent post, thanks a lot.

mscmichael said...

Nice one. Thanks a lot...

Unknown said...

Hello, I googled this Band because I was given this album a few years back along with several other unrelated albums. But this one stands out because it looks like it's never been played, and the cover is in near mint condition, hand signed by every member of the band. No dates to be found, but I thought that if I could find a place like this then maybe someone could tell me the best place to post this for sale. I do hope this post is ok here, I am just looking for interested people who might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Brain Police said...

I'll check this one out. Thanks Marios! Is this THE John McLaughlin?

Marios said...

Hi Brain,
No it's not the famous Mahavishnu John McLaughlin.
These guys here are from the States.

Brain Police said...

Thanks for the info! The guy on the cover sitting looks a little bit like him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a blast from the past!!! A group of us used to frequent a nightclub named Mr. G's near Ocala Florida in the early 80's. We we're always available when we knew sugar bear was in town. There was always a good time and a good party with these guys in their bus during intermission.
When reminiscing, I tell of my early life looking for a party & a good band to dance & party with.
Love and miss you guys!!!

Jim, Dana, Gary and Stan

Steve said...

Trying to get some RA releases. Thank you. Does anyone have a working DL link as this one is broken.

Marios said...

Steve, "Sugar Bear" RA reposted..

TheBigA said...

Might as well try this. Thanks for the opportunity!