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Monday, January 11, 2016

Indian Summer - Indian Summer (1971 uk, solid post psych prog rock with heavy organ driving, 2011 repuk mini LP edition)

Indian Summer were formed in the summer of 1969 by keyboardist Bob Jackson, guitarist/vocalist Colin Williams, drummer Paul Hooper and bassist Malcolm Harker. Based in Coventry they toured the local universities and colleges in their native Midlands before being spotted by manager Jim Simpson who also looked after Black Sabbath and Bakerloo amongst others.

In fact, they often filled in for Sabbath when they were too poor to be able to afford to get to the gigs they were booked to play! Ex-Vertigo Records manager Olav Wyper had been employed by RCA to head its progressive Neon Records label and, after a recommendation from Simpson, he signed the band after witnessing them go down a storm at Henry's Blues House in Birmingham. Teaming them with producer Rodger Bain, who'd produced Black Sabbath's self titled debut album, he put them into London's legendary Trident Studios to record their debut album.Indian Summerwas released in early 1971 (NE3) though a proposed single "Walking On Water" failed to see the light of day.

Immediately after the album's release, Harker left to take over his father's engineering firm (he currently lives in America). His replacement was Wez Price, ex-The Sorrows, who undertook the promotional duties required of the band, including dates in Switzerland. However, on returning from a gig in early 1972 with no money (and a bag of chips between them!) the band felt that something was wrong and decided to call it a day.

Colin Williams retired totally from the music industry to take up employment in the motor industry. Paul Hooper played in various Midlands based bands before teaming up with Bob Jackson in The Dodgers for 1978's Love On The Rebound album, and is currently a member of The Fortunes.

After extracting himself from his contract with Jim Simpson, Bob Jackson teamed up with ex-John Entwhistle vocalist Alan Ross for two LPs and numerous tours. He then joined Moon on their Too Close For Comfort LP of 1976 before passing an audition for Badfinger who he stayed with for nearly three years. He then formed the Dodgers with Paul Hooper before joining ex-Uriah Heep vocalist David Byron for theOn The RocksLP. Since then he's played with the likes of The Motors, The Searchers, Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce and Pete Brown and still plays in local bands as well as teaching music.
by Mark Brennan - Special thanks to Bob Jackson

1. God is the Dog - 6:37
2. Emotions on Man - 5:44
3. Glimpse - 6:44
4. Half change Again - 6:26
5. Balck Sunshine - 5:25
6. From the film of the Same name - 5:52
7. Secret reflects - 6:46
8. Another Three will Grow - 6:06
All compositions by Indian Summer

Indian Summer
*Malcolm Harker - Bass, Vibes, Vocals
*Paul Hooper - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Bob Jackson - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
*Colin Williams - Guitar, Backing Vocals


space88 said...

Thanks Marios!
Are you intressted in Human Instinct - Snatmin Cuttin/The Hustler?

Marios said...

Hi Space88,
yes please.

ARGS said...

Μάριε χρόνια πολλά και καλό Πάσχα!!!

DanP said...

I absolutely love this album and recommend it highly. Very fully realized, emotionally powerful.

Hotroder said...

Your the best Marios.
I had the original but it was to scratched to play.
Thanks so much man !.

adamus67 said...

Hi Marios!
I am familiar with This album almost 20 years .... my friend has it on vinyl Neon Leibel .. I have Repertoire CD, Akarma, LP MINIATURE CD Media Arte Korea ... Oh Yeah possibly the greatest album (for me) bands that recorded a tyklo 1 album and ceased operations.
Severe playing rock based on the sounds Hammond B3, a very good strong vocals, it's all good supported rifami gitary. This album this decoration each a collection... not only lovers of Rocka.
INDIAN SUMMER is highly recommended to who are in love with the early 70's and wishing to delve deeper past the classics toward finding gems such as this one.
Four musicians came out of Coventry and made one sole album released on the rare Neon Records (other releases of interest to progheads on that label would be SPRING, TONTON MACOUTE) that did not manage to promote their artists correctly, although INDIAN SUMMER had the same management as BLACK SABBATH. Their album consists of fairly long numbers with much KB-driven hard rock and lots of instrumental interplay-- a typical release of the times. Although the band could be placed among the likes of Mk2, PURPLE or URIAH HEEP, they manage to have a sound of their own. This is a basic quartet - HARKER on bass, HOOPER on drums, Bob JACKSON's KB & vocals, and Colin WILLIAMS's guitar - but they have enough tricks up their sleeves to keep you interested and enthused throughout the album.
I highly recommend!
Sincerely !

Marios said...

Thank you Adamus67,
for further information.

lmelis said...

Τι ωραία να γυρνάς από διακοπές και να βρίσκεις το Indian Summer να σε περιμένει! Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ Μάριε.

adamus67 said...

Hey Marios
I can not indifferently pass next by this post,although,I have this album for a long time This is a band that I love and who recorded a fantastic album in 70 Seriously! The guys had a very good sound, but were not detected in time and only gained some recognition after 20 years! I will give HOMAGE! my comment. lol

Vic said...

Hi Marios!!!
Can you post the Human Instinct Snatmin Cuttin/The Hustler albums again?! You have posted them about an year ago at Phrockblog and now these links absolutely unavailable.

adamus67 said...

Hey Marios,upgrading info: Bob Jackson and Paul Hooper, work actively to this day. Their careers were closely related to the hometown of Coventry. In 1972, Bob Jackson, becoming a member of John Entwistle'a (bassist of The Who) Rigor Mortis, which after a short tour of falling apart. Jackson together with guitarist of the group, Alan Ross, assumed in 1972 a team of Ross, who market existed until 1974 and recorded two albums (LP "Ross" LP "The Pit and the Pendulum") and one single ( "Alright by me "). I want to add here that Jackson and Hooper supported often, in the period 1972-1975, constantly changing its composition derived from Coventry, a group of Monster Magnet. W1975, Paul Hooper, together with P.Whitcher'em and R.Lomas'em (ex - Sorrows, ex - Eggy) form a group called The Zips, who recorded for the label RAK SP "To, To Love". On the other hand, Bob Jackson from August 1974 year (until April 1975), they becomes a full member of Badfinger (which records the LP "Head First" 1975). During the recording session, "Head First" in 1975 some musicians gets an idea of ​​founding a new group which they called The Dodgers. Its original composition recorded two singles, "Do not Let Me Be Wrong" and "Just want to love you", both released in 1976. At the same time, Bob Jackson assists in the recordings: Chrissa Williamson LP "The Changer and the Changed" 1975, and a Moon LP "Too close for comfort" 1976. continually operating, The Dodgers, changing its composition. In August 1976 the band joins Paul Hooper. However, after recording three single ("Down" in 1976, "Love on the Rebound" in 1978, "Anytime," 1978) and the LP "Love on the Rebound" in 1978, the musicians split up. In 1979, Jackson joins The Searchers with whom performing and recording four singles and two LPs. In 1980, B.Jackson starts cooperation with a former member of Uriah Heep, David Byron'em. However, after recording the LP "On the Rocks" (1981) walks away from Byron Band, to re-power the reactivated group Badfinger (June 1982 ~ 1985) and short (1983) with Red on Red. The end of the seventies, this is for P.Hooper'a cooperation with ~ cabaret group Smackee. Since the early eighties to the present, he performs with the band The Fortunes. Bob Jackson's musical career after working with many contractors as a session musician or supporting concerts (Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce, The Motors), it also led to the band The Fortunes, which became a full member since March 1995. However, it leaves in mid-2005 to start a solo activity. As it turns out M.Harker who first left the group at the moment continues to provide as a musician. During a recent stay group, The We're wolves of Stockton in the north of England, there was a joint performance with P.Hooper'em (17.11.2000)

mscmichael said...

Thanks very much...

kobilica said...

Now I can upgrade this great album.Thank you"MARIOS"...

Unknown said...

how do you down load this

Hi-Ho Silver said...

Additional info:

Olav Wyper (manager/promoter, RCA Records London) wrote in 20/1/71.: "In November, 1969 I went up to Henry's Blues House in Birmingham with three of my ten colleagues to see two groups handled by Midland manager/promoter, Jim Simpson. We signed one of them. That was Black Sabbath. One year and another record company later Jim asked me up to Birmingham again. This time we signed the band we had earlier rejected in favor of Sabbath. The new band - Indian Summer. And what a difference the English summer has made to this Coventry group. Suddenly. after two and half years, it's all come together. Never one to quit while he's ahead, Jim took them to Rodger Bain to produce - and so the same combination that earlier brought Sabbath to the world's stage now takes up Indian Summer. History can repeat. Oh, and they're good too. Very good."

Unknown said...

I want to know the lyrics of the song "Glimpse" My english is not very good =( Thax

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!