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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Churls - The Churls/Send Me No Flowers (1968/69 canada fine psych/garage beat band)

The Churls were a Canadian garage/psych band with blues roots. Rount the mid sixties they went to New York to record their debut album(The Churls) and toured the East Coast college circuit with Muddy Waters and Blood, Sweat & Tears.

The Churls got dressed up in some funny medieval clothing style and disbanded after the release of their second album "Send Me No Flowers". This edition contains both their albums.

1. Eventual Love - 02:48
2. Crystal Palace - 03:28
3. Think I Can't Live Without You - 03:18
4. Princess Mary Margaret - 03:29
5. City Lights - 03:01
6. Fish On A Line - 06:09
7. The Weeks Go By - 03:11
8. Where Will You Be Tomorrow - 02:33
9. Time Piece - 04:49
10.Reservations - 02:11
11.Gypsy Lee - 05:35
12.Send Me No Flowers - 03:08
13.I Can See Your Picture - 03:05
14.See My Way - 05:16
15.Long,Long Time - 04:04
16.Tonight - 04:15
17.Trying To Get You Off My Mind - 04:53
18.She Needs A Man - 02:45
19.Too Many Rivers - 05:35

The Churls
*Brad Fowles - Drums
*John Barr - Bass
*Newton Garwood - Organ, vocals
*Hal Ames - Guitar, Vocals
*Robert O'Neill - Lead Vocals

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Hotroder said...

Thanks Marios for all the posts this year and for the extra links.
I'm over 'Hotfile' it's too slow and keeps dying.
I love 'The Curls' first got this from -CHRISGOESROCK-.
Happy Easter man.

Phmoeb said...

Great man!! Thanks!!! : )
HF is ok with me.

josesimon said...

Many thanks Marios, you have a GREAT blog.

Mr. Clem said...

Hello Marios, even tho I grew up in the era and played in a series of garage bands I had never heard of this group. There were so many albums released in the 60's and 70's there was no way to learn of them all so now in my retirement I'm playing catch-up. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

slugbucket said...

Thank you Marios, this is a great post. Never heard this band before, this is pretty good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

Anonymous said...

Great music! Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

I grew up listening to a promo copy of the original The Churls album; however, it does not say when the songs were recorded or released. The base riff towards the end of "Crystal Palace" is the exact same as Cream's "Sunshine of your Love," and I am trying to determine which band wrote it you have any confirmed dates for the Churls album? Much thanks. Glad someone else likes this music.

Anonymous said...

Cannot access links, passwork xara does not work

Anonymous said...

The song time piece is killer, want to hear more. Having trouble getting part the Link protection password xara not working for mew

Marios said...

Hi Anonymous,
I did some changes, try it now, works better.
Marry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quick change, but I still cannot open it. Now there are three file, hot files and deposit files and both just click and will not open. Seems we are getting closer though.

Marios said...

Just checked and the files are working, don't know what to say,
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you'll immediately redirect to the download link (may you have some proble with your browser or the pop-up blocker), anyway try it and if that doesn't work I'll send you the direct links via e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Ok I figured it out, I have to hold down the Ctrl kep while clicking the Hot file link. Works now. AWESOME - Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. i was born in the early 70s, but an older friend of mine had the vinyl (of the first Churls record) since those days, and gave me a cassette copy some 12 years ago. Still have the tape, but i had been looking for a digital version unsuccessfully, until now. (I believe the riff from sunshine of your love in here is a quotation, but i'm not sure)
Greetings from Guatemala.

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks a lot marios

Okaytrythis said...

I didn't think I would ever hear the music again after loosing their LP's. Many Thanks! Okaytrythis

chico said...

Another one with links dead.Sorry I'm getting late.Wondefull stuff.

Marios said... delivered...

louis ward said...

Band is excellent bought double cd off amazon try neighbr'hood childr'n and also the sapphire thinkers and a passing fancy which are all quite similar.

louis ward said...

Its actually 3.30 pm here in the UK

Barnaby Rudge said...

So cool to find this. I have both the original albums on vinyl. In the mid-70s I was fortunate enough to meet lead guitarist Harry (Hal) Ames and jam with him a couple of times. Really nice guy and a very talented guitar player. Some fond memories associated with these songs. Thanks for posting.