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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hungry Wolf - Hungry Wolf (1970 uk, great jazz rock, with psych groovie funk flashes)

Originally released on Philips, Hungry Wolf’s sole album is a primarily instrumental pop rock affair, with some heavy Hammond organ to hold interest (courtesy of the Mohawks’ Alan Hawkshaw).

A work of session musicians including future members of Rumplestiltskin and Ugly Custard. swirling freaking organs and various wood instruments accompany guitarist Alan Parker.The album is now very rare.

It featured vocals by Peter Lee Stirling who had a couple of pop hits in the early seventies as Daniel Boone; as well as Alan Parker (Blue Mink, David Bowie, CCS, Elton John, Gerry Rafferty) and Alan Hawkshaw (Cliff Richard, Shadows, Madeline Bell, Donovan, Family Dogg).

1. Melanie - 3:05
2. Watching And Waiting - 3:24
3. Custards Last Stand - 2:49
4. Country Wild - 4:40
5. Waiting For The Morning Sun - 3:02
6. Like Now - 2:48
7. Hole In My Shoe - 5:24
8. Sleepy - 5:11
9. The Drifter (Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker, John Cameron) - 3:23
10.Revolution??? (Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker, John Cameron) - 2:56
All songs by Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker except where stated

Hungrt Wolf
*Alan Hawkshaw - Keyboards
*Alan Parker - Guitar
*Clem Cattini - Drums
*Peter Lee Stirling - Vocals
*Herbie Flowers - Bass
*John Edwards - Trombone
*Tony Fisher - Trumpet
*Ken Gouldie - Trombone
*Cliff Hardy - Trombone
*Bobby Haughey - Trumpet
*Derek Watkins - Trumpet

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spaceboy5367 said...

Wow, where did you find this?! Never seen it before but I love Alan Hawkshaw! Looks interesting Marios, thanks!

Rafiki said...

Hi Marios! It' a miracle to have this LP. I have and adore the Ugly Custard stuff as well as the two albums of Rumplestiltskin. Until now the third piece of this outstanding triumvirate of progressive groups (linked by the musicians) were missing. So I am very grateful for your kindness and quickness (only two hours ago I asked this album in Phrockblog chat forum).

adamus67 said...

O Yeah! I was looking for about 2 years old, I downloaded it in mp3, this is pretty damn rare! Thanks to you my Marios , I feel lucky, session musicians they recorded a fantastic album, this album is for Rock The history of the Great Treasure. For almost 30 years of listening to music, exploring the various neglected artists, albums, many unforgettable moments, this album is a true gem... long time no one gave me no such pleasure in music.
@ Marios Word of thanks is not enough ....... today I will not sleep!
(once again I am thankful!..I'm grateful!)

kobilica said...

A big surprise,I've been looking for this album a long,long time.Many thanks!!!Have a nice day...

ARGS said...

Marios many thanks for this!

Unknown said...

My Brother has an original Lp, and wants to sell it . How much would it be worth roughly and where best to sell it please folks .

Marios said...

popsike sold it for about 200$,
in a good condition I think it worth much more.

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks a lot, i like this album a lot

Marios said...


boppinbob said...

Thanks and Happy birthday Clem Cattini!