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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Joseph - Stoned Age Man (1970 us, heavy fuzzy psych rock)

What can we say except ...Classic Stoner (heavy fuzz) bluesrock!!!This is a rare album indeed and much sought after, originallyreleased on the Scepter label (SPS 574) in 1970 and recordedin Memphis at the legendary American Sound Studios.

The “Joseph” was in fact Joseph Long or Joseph Longeria,discovered by the albums producer and A & R man SteveTyrell playing in Houston in a battle of the blues competition!!This is the only know foray into recording that Longeria madeand he was a superb guitar player to boot!!Stoned Age Man contains some of weirdest lyrics ever written.

1. Trick Bag - 4:32
2. I Ain't Fattenin' No More Frogs For Snakes (Joseph Longeria, Glen Spreen, Mark James, Steve Tyrell) - 3:36
3. Cold Biscuits And Fish Heads - 3:37
4. Stone Age Man - 3:26
5. I'm Gonna Build A Mountain - 2:10
6. Mojo Gumbo - 2:53
7. The House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional) - 2:23
8. Gotta Get Away (Gregg Allman, John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins) - 2:40
9. Come The Sun Tomorrow (D. Collins, S. Walton) - 2:53
All songs by Joseph "Long" Longeria, Glen Spreen, Mark James except where noted

*Joseph "Long" Longeria - Vocals, Guitar
*Glen Spreen - Keyboards

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  1. Hi Marios,

    I have always loved your blogs and I just find this one.

    Thanks for your work!



  2. Nice post my friend,keep on comin' the good stuff ;)

    σας ευχαριστώ

  3. Hello Marios
    I have this already several years,another forgotten rock piece history,very interesting heavy rock sound,we have good guitar playing,very strong compositions!!!Pretty cool recommended CD
    @MAN,you're GREAT(thank you for Jawbone beautifull discovery.Shall be fun!!!)I Suggest You Pholhas psych pop band from Brazil,style classic psycho UK lyrics(THE BEATLES)very good vocal and organ Hammond B3 Marios please do not miss THIS ONE!!!

  4. Grandísimo disco, con fascinantes temas, todos por igual.
    Desde la primera canción te mantiene en vilo.
    La portada hace honor a esta joya musical que no nos deja indiferente.
    Escuchadlo no os arrepentiréis.
    Esta es otra ocasión para volver a escucharlo.
    Muchas gracias MARIOS por esta sugerencia de tan alta alcurnia

  5. This one is so cool! It's got organ, piano, harpsichord, flute I believe, and something that sounds like a sitar! Great sense of atmosphere. Much more than an offbeat blues album

  6. Links are dead. Could you reupload this one on df?

  7. I have a lossy version for a long time.Thanks Marios for re-up this beauty.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for this, much appreciated.
    You are wrong about Joseph being his only recording.
    Joey Long is the name he became known as.
    2 albums were released by him 1978
    The Rains Came & Flyin High.

    His first record released at 1958 under the name CURLEY LONG
    ("Blues Just Walked In / Don't Lock My Love Outside" Azalea Records 108).
    Released several recordings under Huey's publishing company (Crazy Cajun Records) .
    Joey also played guitar on Barbara Lynn's "You'll Lose A Good Thing",
    and Clarence Frogman Henry's Ain't Got No Home

    Some early songs also exist as 45's at "Tear Drop" and "Tribe Records" (R&B & Soul style).
    Long appeared (usually without credits) on records for DOUG SHAM, BARBARA LYNN,
    among others.

    V.A. - The Greatest Hits from the Soul of Texas (WAND-677).
    An early sexy cover compilation of texas artists .
    Joey Long appear with two songs
    "I'm glad for your sake" and "I Cried". From 1966

  9. "Joseph - Stoned Age Man 1970", Updated..