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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crystalaugur - Terranaut (1972 us, striking fuzz, psych, prog rock)

The story of Crystalaugur is a strange one: the obscure Native American band Crystalaugur recorded this album in Singapore between 1972 and 1973, orginally pressing a mere 200 copies for a private label (Warped Rec) and the ridiculously small pressing made the original album an unbelievable rarity.  The fuzz guitar and space rock vocals definitely put this LP in the psychedelic realm with an interesing primitive backdrop.

This is reissue of the 1974 release  by BMI SINGAPORE of a one-off album done as highschool project by 4 Americans in Singapore, that only has been sold to classmates, family and friends. A weird mix of Kaleidoscope / Velvet. Underground and eastern vibes with fuzz-guitar all over! Sorta prog-folk-garagy vibe, hypnotising and repetitive. A great psych rock fuzz album .

1. Terranaut (Kim Bengs) - 5:18
2. I'll Remember (Kim Bengs, Howard Kukla) - 4:07
3. Cosmic Journey (Howard Kukla) - 4:21
4. You've Got to Rap (Howard Kukla) - 3:11
5. Uppachit Creek (Kim Bengs) - 2:22
6. Easy Term Pleasure (Howard Kukla, Kim Bengs) - 4:41
7. Pam's Song (Howard Kukla) - 4:42
8. Number 4 (Kim Bengs) - 5:00
9. Goodbye (Kim Bengs, Watson) - 1:25

The Crystalaugur
*Kim Bengs - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Howard Kukla - Rhythm Guitar
*Bryan Hall - Drums
*Guy Rittger - Bass Guitar

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Anon said...

Never listened but very attractive review made to try it. Thanks for share.

Hotroder said...

Thanks man,this is fantastic,great to get this in flac.
Great blog.

Anonymous said...

A lovely blog if he used MULTIUPLOAD would be perfect!

Sergey said...

Thanx, friend! Great thing.

pimpon said...

Qué tendra la música durante estos años que me encanta.
La guitarra especula intercambiando notas con el batería.
Realmente ilustrativo y arriesgado.
Gracias nuevamente por este regalo llegado de tu mano.

kounelarhontas said...

Το είχα βρει με χαμηλής ποιότητας artwork και το προσπέρασα...
Πολλές ευχαριστίες Μάριε.

Anonymous said...

Hi I,m Ainoordin from Malaysia,Singapore is my neighbour never heard of this band only the famous like Octobr Cherries,Straydogs and few more bands from Singapore but not this,well I,llgive it a try thanks

Anonymous said...

Glad to replace my mp3 version. Thank you.

sikes said...

Any chance this could also be reupped, would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Marios said...

.....Crystalaugur - Terranaut...Updated.....