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Friday, December 17, 2021

Gary St. Clair - Gary St. Clair (1971 us, good classic rock with folk and spirituals touches, 2010 korean remaster)

Originally from Washington D.C., Gary St. Clair has been a musician, songwriter and producer for over 50 years.Husky, powerful and soulful vocals, with  female chorus by Clydie King, Vanetta Fields and Jesse Smith, featured in this 1971 album by the swamp rocker. 

Straight ahead hard rockin' numbers, delightful chorus that shines through the tight rhythm section. Some  ballad-like songs, sighing numbers. reminiscent of Eagles, folky shades filled with piano, and spiritual references, the final result leaves a pleasant taste.

1. Dr. Rock And Roll - 2:57
2. Song For Tomorrow - 3:23
3. Comin` On Home (Gary St. Clair, Tim O'Brien) - 3:13
4. Gospel Changes - 4:42
5. Jim Dandy - 4:40
6. Satisfy You (Gary St. Clair, Tim O'Brien) - 4:13
7. Little Brother (Gary St. Clair, Tim O'Brien) - 5:03
8. Somebody To Love (Gary St. Clair, Tim O'Brien) - 4:04
9. Shake A Hand (Joe Morris) - 6:03
All compositions by Gary St. Clair unless as else stated

Gary St. Clair - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Ralph Bryan - Guitar, Percussion 
David Bennett Cohen - Guitar, Dobro, Slide Guitar
Danny Conway - Drums
Oma Drake - Background Vocals 
Venetta Fields - Background Vocals
Stephen Hines - Piano
Carol Hunter - 12 String, Acoustic Guitars
Gloria Jones - Background Vocals
King Errisson - Congas, Percussion
Clydie King - Background Vocals
Josef Lamanno - Bass 
Tom O'Brien - Bass 
Jesse Smith - Background Vocals
Ron Starr - Saxophone
Mark Wickham - Guitar, Percussion 


Terry A. said...

Wow! Thanks I've been looking for this one forever. I really appreciate your blog.

kobilica said...

Never haeard this album before.At first spin,remainds me to Frankie Miller.Thank you...

Beatnik said...

Hi, thanx alot for this great album. Unfortunately tracks 6 and 7 had been missing. Can you pls check and re-up ? Thx Marios. Rockin' Regards Beatnik

Marios said...

Hi Beatnik, just checked both formats, nothing is missing, everything is there.

Beatnik said...

Hi Marios, tried perfect. A very very fine album and a fine voice, that reminds me a bit of Frankie Miller vs. Steve Marriott. Thx alot :-)

marc said...

Gary is from DC not Canada.He was in Flavor on Columbia Records.He sang on some Roy Buchanan albums doing a nice job on Down By the River.Gary has been payin his dues since the 60s.

Marios said...

thank you Marc, my information was wrong.

armando said...

Muchas gracias Marios. Great blog with very good music

ComadrejaPep said...

Many thankx. Always fantastic music in this place!!! Cheers!!

Josef Kloiber said...

Thank you !

Miles said...

Nice album! I agree with Beatnik. There's a similarity to Frankie Miller, but that's not such a bad thing. Thanks for bringing this recording to my attention.